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05-18-2012, 07:47 AM
In his first public comments since tweeting he had signed his franchise tender, New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker told the Boston Herald that he did not accept the one-year, $9.5 million deal because he was optimistic a long-term deal was imminent. He said the opposite is true: that negotiations have "gotten worse."

"There have been talks, but nothing that's brightened anything at all," Welker said.

Welker told the Herald the latest offer the Patriots extended was less than the two-year, $16 million, fully guaranteed deal the wide receiver reportedly was offered last season.

These latest comments come just days after Welker told Boston sports radio station WEEI that he thought he and the Patriots were "on the same page" on a long-term deal and "trying to collectively come together and make something happen."

Welker has led the league in receptions in three of his five seasons in New England. He had career highs in yards receiving last season with 1,569 and touchdowns with nine.

When Welker signed the franchise tender Tuesday, he tweeted he had taken a "#leapoffaith" in doing so, adding he hoped "doing the right thing gets the right results."

The other option on the table for Welker was to not sign the tender and stay away from the upcoming organized team activities to send a message to the Patriots. Welker said his preferred route was to be with his team for OTAs, which he believes sends a different kind of message.

"If they see me out there at OTAs and minicamps and everything else, and I'm still out there winning and doing what I need to do to help the team win, you know what, the ball's in their court to make something happen," Welker told the Herald. "That's kind of my mindset, to go out and show them I deserve it."

Welker also said he was eager to join his teammates on the field.

"[Organized team activities] are about to start. The team's all getting together. You get all these months off and everything else. I don't know, you're just kind of bored," Welker said. "You want to be up on the field. You want to be up there competing and trying to get better. You kind of miss it. ... I think at the end of the day for me, if I go out there and keep playing great football like I have been for the past five years, eventually, it'll pay off."

Welker told ESPNBoston.com Radio last month he was leaning toward not attending the team's mandatory minicamp, a hard-line stance he ultimately changed his mind about.

"I think those techniques work better with other teams," Welker told the Herald. "I think the best thing you can do, as far as the Patriots, is be there and let them make the decision if they want to do something long-term or not."

If he and the Patriots do not agree on a long-term contract, Welker said he would be satisfied playing under the $9.5 million franchise tender.

(I'm surprised that he turned down the 2 year $16million fully guaranteed deal last year... He's 31 now and expecting a long term deal? I think the Patriots aren't going to offer much else to the guy.)


05-18-2012, 08:30 AM
the balls in their court?
I respect Welker, but he should thank his lucky stars that he plays where he plays. This is one instance, where a player was completely "made" by the team and their QB. The fact is, he would NOT be a star anywhere else.
Now the Pats are absolutely loaded with receivers and any power of negotiating that Welker once had has been severely diminished. I see the Pats playing hardball with him now. They, like the Steelers, don't get influenced by players with big mouths who run it in the media.
Brady has more options to throw now and look for Welker's contributions to slide....although he'll still get a considerable amount of balls thrown his way this year.
He's probably shot himself in the foot at this point...he would have been better off keeping his big mouth shut and would have been better off in the long run.

Atlanta Dan
05-18-2012, 09:49 AM
Nobody is as good the Patriots at getting rid of a player after his productivity has peaked and keeping dead money off the payroll (I used to believe that about the Steelers as well until they would not let go of Aaron Smith)

The Pats will tell Welker see ya after this season if he does not like their contract number (and maybe make a play for Wallace)

05-18-2012, 12:03 PM
hey wes, catch the football and your a super bowl champion..

anti-clutch give you the veteran minimum and hit the pine you jack wagon..

Hawaii 5-0
05-18-2012, 02:04 PM
Report: Patriots upset with Wes Welkerís contract talk

Posted by Josh Alper on May 18, 2012


Wes Welkerís decision to sign the franchise tag the Patriots put on him earlier this offseason hasnít done much to tone down any negative feelings that may have been generated over the last few months.

Welker aired his grievances about the way negotiations were (or werenít, depending on your point of view) progressing with the Patriots on a new contract. Welker said that the team has dropped their offer from two years and $16 million, a revelation that isnít sitting well with the team.

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that Welkerís public comments about the state of negotiations have not gone over well with the team. Per Young, the wide receiverís ďwords have only increased the chances that 2012 will be his final season with the team.Ē

The Patriots havenít had much problem saying goodbye to key players in the past. Richard Seymour, Deion Branch and Asante Samuel were all allowed to seek their fortune elsewhere after getting into contract squabbles with the team. Things donít always play out that way, however. Logan Mankins wound up with a new deal after a more dramatic fight than weíve seen from Welker, although he was younger and healthier than Welker when he took his stand.

There are still two months to go until the deadline to sign Welker to a long-term deal so there will surely be further developments on this front. Whether or not they play out publicly is another question after this weekís exchange of fire between the two sides.


05-18-2012, 03:17 PM
Well, there goes any chance he had for signing a long term deal...

Hawaii 5-0
05-19-2012, 07:12 PM
Well, there goes any chance he had for signing a long term deal...

Damage control: Welker backtracks on contract comments

Submitted by 60 Max Power O Staff on May 19, 2012

Amid reports that the Patriots were not too happy about his comments to the Boston Herald's Karen Guregian on Thursday, Wes Welker has backtracked, telling the media during his camp at Bishop Fenwick High School in Peabody, MA that he is actually happy to be playing with his one year franchise tag at $9.5 million.

In an apparent effort to smooth things over with the team, Welker admitted his comments may have been a little too extreme about the current state of his contract negotiations with the Patriots, first reported by boston.com:

"That was probably a bad choice of words saying theyíve gotten worse," Welker said. "Theyíve stayed the same. Iím franchised for the year and Iím completely happy with that and completely OK with it. I look forward to contributing to the team in 2012.

"Iím not frustrated whatsoever. I know the words that came out probably seemed that way but Iím not frustrated at all. Iím making five times what I did last year so thereís no frustration here."

Also, on his twitter "leap of faith" comment after signing the franchise tender:

"I donít know, probably not the wisest choice of words," Welker said. "Sometimes you react on emotions every once in a while and it gets the best of you. Iím just excited to be on the team and help my team win."

http://network.yardbarker.com/nfl/article_external/damage_control_welker_backtracks_on_contract_comme nts/10828853