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05-20-2012, 09:16 AM
http://www.coldhardfootballfacts.com/Articles/11_5393_The_Longest_Day%3A_ultimate_invasion_of_20 12_draft_grades.html

Cold Hard Football Facts
(see rest of the article for other teams - mesa)

Round 1, Pick 24 (24) David DeCastro G 6'5" 316 Stanford
Round 2, Pick 24 (56) Mike Adams OT 6'7" 323 Ohio St.
Round 3, Pick 23 (86) Sean Spence LB 5'11" 231 Miami
Round 4, Pick 14 (109) Alameda Ta'amu DT 6'3" 348 Washington
Round 5, Pick 24 (159) Chris Rainey RB 5'8" 180 Florida
Round 7, Pick 24 (231) Toney Clemons WR 6'2" 210 Colorado
Round 7, Pick 33 (240) David Paulson TE 6'3" 245 Oregon
Round 7, Pick 39 (246) Terrence Frederick CB 5'10" 187 Texas A&M
Round 7, Pick 41 (248) Kelvin Beachum T 6'2" 303 SMU

Veteran acquisitions: TE Leonard Pope

Weakness in 2011: Defensive Hogs. Offensive efficiency.

Overview: The offensive line was not Pittsburgh’s biggest problem in 2011. In fact, the unit was No. 10 on the Offensive Hog Index and No. 11 running the ball (4.38 YPA). But as we reported during Round 1 of the draft, Pittsburgh’s offensive line has never quite returned to dominance since future Hall of Famer Alan Faneca left town after the 2007 season.

So we don’t really quibble with the team’s decision to go heavy OL early in the draft. Plus, these are the Steelers, the team that makes old clichés about mud-and-spittle football sexy and that has done it with unprecedented long-term success.

Perhaps an improved offensive line can help the team play smarter situational football. Pittsburgh was No. 27 in Scoreability in 2011, far and away its worth performance in anyone of our Quality Stats.

With that said, it would have been preferable from a statistical point of to go hotter and heavier after Defensive Hogs. Pittsburgh was a D-Hog juggernaut for year, including No. 1 on the D-Hog Index as recently as 2010. That unit tumbled to No. 19 in 2011 and struggled to pressure the passer, forcing a Negative Pass Play on just 8.14 percent of dropbacks (26th).

We saw that weakness haunt the Steelers in their historic defensive meltdown against Denver in the 2011 wildcard playoffs. Pittsburgh not only got torched for a playoff record 15.0 yards per pass attempt, they did not force a single sack or INT against a QB, Tim Tebow, considered by many observers to be a huge liability in the passing game.

Fillability Grade: C+

05-20-2012, 10:47 AM
So, the Steelers have one bad game and as a result receive a grade of "C+?" Silly Steelers, did they not have league leading pass defense? So, based on a single game they should have totally revamped their draft strategy? Yeah, makes sense.

And the author makes no suggestions as to what position they should have bolstered. Another fine example of poor journalism. Abstract one example, slant the story, and then criticize without offering any other evidence.

I think most are more than happy with the draft picks. Imagine if they had drafted CB's the first few rounds. We would be storming the castle like the peasants in Frankenstein. And this clown would be stirring the pot by writing a piece about how they should have drafted lineman as they had such a good pass defense last year except for one game.

05-20-2012, 10:52 AM
the clown also fails to mention anything about the playing time harrison (5 games) and woodley (6 games) missed.

05-20-2012, 02:15 PM
That's a really short-sighted view on both the draft and the team last year. It's funny that they don't even mention that they've drafted their defensive "hogs" of the future already - Ziggy Hood, Cameron Heyward, and Alameda Ta'amu.

tony hipchest
05-20-2012, 02:56 PM
what pisses me off most about draft grades is that every news outlet, mediot, and talking head gives the same old tired catchphrase-

"You cant really grade a draft until 3 years later" :yawn:

so after this years draft where are all the grades from 3 years ago? they all say it, but none of them do it. thats because with hindsight EVERYBODY can grade jamarcus russell with an F-.

fans buy into this company line as well. people in the media are afraid to give a grade and be proven wrong if players suck well above what they anticipated, or exceed their expectations.

fact of the matter is (which the majority lose sight on) is a draft grade is grading the team, front office, coaching staff, and scouts, not the players themselves.

i give our staff and easy A regardless if only 2 players pan out.

we didnt reach, we let great talent fall to us, we got excellent value and talent respective to the rounds they were selected in, and we filled most glaring an obvious needs.

if all the players turn out to be busts, i will stand by my grade with this being the reasoning.

05-20-2012, 03:36 PM

if all the players turn out to be busts, i will stand by my grade with this being the reasoning.
you will be graded in 3 years...:popcorn:

Galax Steeler
05-20-2012, 07:45 PM
What the hell it seemed to me like the line was one of the biggest let downs last year. Ben can not play off of his back if you give him time he will pick the defense apart. I really liked the draft we had this year and I think everyone else will to.

Hawaii 5-0
05-22-2012, 02:07 AM
Breaking Down the Steelers’ 2012 NFL Draft, Expert-Stye

Posted on May 21, 2012 by ryan

Our good buddy Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner has a weekly podcast with NFL Films’ Greg Cosell. In the latest episode, they recount the AFC North draft haul and because I know many of you are among the laziest people on Earth, I transcribed the Steelers-related bits.

You can listen to the entire podcast here, and the Steelers talk starts around the 52-minute mark. Also worth noting: Farrar loves David DeCastro. Cosell likes him too, but was also a fan of Kevin Zeitler, the guy the Bengals took with their second first-rounder after passing on DeCastro with their first first-rounder (Cincy took CB Dre Kirpatrick instead).

On Mike Adams
Cosell: To me, he fits anywhere because I believe he’s the most athletic left tackle in the draft. Was he the best left tackle? I think there are games you put on with Mike Adams where you say that he was the best left tackle in this draft. There were other games — and I guess I didn’t see those games because, you know, you can’t watch every game and I don’t work for a team — where I was told that he was not quite as competitive snap after snap, where some flaws came out, some people, I guess, pointed to a game he played not this year but last year against Marshall and Vinny Curry apparently ate him up.

Are there flaws and some concerns? Absolutely. But as a pure athletic left tackle, I thought he was the best in this draft. … Athletic-ability-wise, he’s fine. There’s not an issue. … There’s one thing about linemen that goes beyond Xs and Os: you gotta compete in the NFL to play offensive line. It’s a ‘compete’ position. You’re gonna get beat, you’re gonna get your ass kicked at times.

(Note: Max Starks hasn’t heard from the Steelers and doesn’t expect to. Make of this what you will.)

On Sean Spence:
Cosell: This is my opinion, this is not something … Mike Tomlin called me and told me. I think they see Sean Spence playing inside in their 3-4, and I think they see Lawrence Timmons, who athletically could be dynamite as an outside linebacker in a 3-4, ultimately moving there.

On Alameda Ta’amu
Farrar: He played a lot of one-game at Washington. I think he’s a better two-gap guy.

Cosell: It’s funny you say that because after I watched him, here’s my line: best transitions to the NFL as a 3-4 nose tackle base personnel player. … For people who talk about where guys get drafted, I think he’s a perfect value. I think he can become the successor to Casey Hampton, either two-down or base personnel. … And I think he fits perfectly in that role.

Farrar: I believe that if you’re a team in need of an absolute two-gap, hole-plugging nose guy … — not a Haloti Ngata, who’s just a freak from another planet, but that traditional 3-4 nose — he’s a perfect fit there.

On Chris Rainey
Cosell: I love the pick of Chris Rainey. … I like Rainey more than Dexter McCluster and McCluster was a second-round pick of the Chiefs. … The reason he’s a fifth-round pick is because he is what he is: he’s not a feature back, he plays 12 or 15 or 20 snaps … but this guy can score from anywhere on the field. He was so smooth changing direction … he was so fluid doing that. … I think Rainey is faster (than McCluster). I think McCluster is more lateral. … Rainey did not dance, Rainey was a downhill guy with incredible hips.


05-22-2012, 11:52 AM
"Rainey did not dance, Rainey was a downhill guy with incredible hips."


I love this statement! Great to hear (other than Barry Sanders, I hate dancers, go downhill!) and funny at the same time!


05-22-2012, 02:20 PM
seems like the day after the draft everybody was giving us grades such as "A+", and "A"............now i'm seeing C+s and C-'s.
Just because we didn't draft some dynamic high profile personality like an RGIII or Trent Richardson doesn't mean we didn't have a great draft.