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07-25-2006, 09:25 AM
Who do you think is going to own these awards by the end of the upcomig season?





-BEST and the WORST records in the league

- #1 offensive team

-#1defensive team

-#1 pass O

-#1 pass D

-#1run O

-#1 run D

Your top 5 offensive and defensive teams and Why?

Livinginthe past
07-25-2006, 10:37 AM
MVP: Tom Brady

-DPOY: Brian Urlacher

-OROY: DeAngelo Williams

-DROY: AJ Hawk

-BEST and the WORST records in the league Patriots 14-2, Bills 3-13

- #1 offensive team Patriots

-#1defensive team Steelers/Chargers/Redskins

-#1 pass O Colts

-#1 pass D Redskins

-#1run O Carolina

-#1 run D Pittsburgh

Your top 5 offensive and defensive teams and Why?


1. Patriots - The perennial best regular season offense has been the Colts - they wont be this year after losing the Edge.

Our O-Line is ready to take a massive step forward with two high draft picks entering their 2nd year add in the most explosive TE combo in the NFL and you have potential for destruction.

The running game will be the back to its best in 2006/7 - Dillon will not be forced to run on niggling injuries if picks up any this year - Maroney will be spelling him on a regular basis, also the o-Line is a strong factor in setting up the run.

Its possible that with a lack of depth at LB and DB that the Patriots may well need that extra offense.

2. Seahawks - still have an excellent combination of RB, WR and QB.

3. Colts - will not be as effective as last year, but still have a very good regular season QB in manning plus many weapons in the WR/TE corps. If Addai steps up this could be a very dangerous unit.

4. Cardinals - Question marks over Warner but he is still the main man in Arizona. Having the Edge will open up an already potent passing game.

5. Chargers - Despite starting a rookie QB, I think this super talented unit will make mince meat of its relatively easy schedule.


1. Washington - One of the best co-ords in the game, plenty of talent. If Washington is going to live up to the hype its the D that will do it for them.

2. Pittsburgh - You dont run on this team, and their CB corps is an up and coming and talented young unit. May well have to overcome a lack of firepower on offense.

3. Chicago Bears - Defintely over-rated last year, but still an impressive performance from a new unit. Low production on offense will mean this unit needs another outstanding effort to go deep in the playoffs.

4. Chargers - A great defensive draft last year leaves the Chargers in a very healthy position enetring this year. Tough against the run, they need to improve against the pass.

5. Carolina - Expecting some key players back from injury. Still one of the best front 4's in the NFL - drafted well in the DB corps last couple pf years with Gamble etc...


tony hipchest
07-25-2006, 05:27 PM

Who do you think is going to own these awards by the end of the upcomig season?

-MVP: peyton manning edges larry johnson

-DPOY: t. polamalu has a season better than ed reed when he won it.

-OROY: should be r. bush but i stand by my deangello williams pick

-DROY: not liking my manny lawson pick huff or hawk could easilly beat him

-BEST and the WORST records in the league best record 13-3 (steelers tied with 2 other teams. possibly pats, bears and seahawks with easy scheds) worst 4-12 (jets)

- #1 offensive team- cheifs

-#1defensive team- pittsburgh in points allowed. chicago with yards allowed

-#1 pass O- colts

-#1 pass D- carolina

-#1run O- kansas city

-#1 run D- pittsburgh

Your top 5 offensive and defensive teams and Why?

1) kansas city. trent green is underrated. larry johnson breaks out. t. gonzales returns to a top 5 te.

2) colts. once upon a time the colts replaced a top offensive weapon named marshall faulk with a rookie. edgerrin james had 2 1500 seasons his 1st 2 years. and that was with a young maturing manning.

3) seahawks. alexander, hasselbeck, jackson, and burleson. 2 of these have career years.

4) arizona. id be more confidend with a more experienced back up. if warner is healthy this is a no brainer.

5) giants. manning for 3500. tikis numbers drop but redzone production increases.

(pats sleeper for top 5 and along with bengals, steelers, chargers, dolphins, lions, round out the potentiial the top 11 assuming no qb problems)


1) chicago. like 9 games vs. teams with a new head coach. half their games are against teams bad enough to need a new head coach

2) pittsburgh. no drop off from last season. great depth so injuries shouldnt be a problem. lebeau is the best defensive mind in the game and this is his 3rd year with this unit.

3) carolina. they will do it quietly and without to much flash.

4) washington. (see litp) tons of talent and great coaching. even when theyre having a bad season their d seems good.

5) atlanta. j abraham and l. milloy will help. d. hall becomes a household name at the position. the rest get back to the form of 2 years ago.

Black@Gold Forever32
07-25-2006, 07:14 PM
Who do you think is going to own these awards by the end of the upcomig season?

-MVP: Peyton "Golden Boy" Manning

-DPOY: Troy Polamalu

-OROY: Joseph Addai

-DROY: Michael Huff

-BEST and the WORST records in the league Steelers 13-3, Niners 3-13

- #1 offensive team Seahawks

-#1defensive team Bears

-#1 pass O Colts

-#1 pass D Redskins

-#1run O Chiefs

-#1 run D Steelers

Your top 5 offensive and defensive teams and Why?

1. Seahawks-The most balanced team on offense in the NFL in my opinion. Matt Hasselback and Shaun Alexander are among the best at their respective positions. The Hawks upgraded their recieveing position by adding Nate Burleson. The Hawks Oline took a hit when All-Pro guard signed with the Vikings. But Pork Chop Womack is a vet it should be able to hold down the position. It also helps to play next to the best LT in the game in Walter Jones.

2. Colts-The loss of Edge is being over hyped. Sure Edge is a great back. But Dominack Rhodes has a 1,000 yard season under his belt. Plus first round pick Joseph Addai will start at sometime during the season and has talent. The Colts running game won't be as good without Edge. But the Colts will be able to still run the ball. Peyton Manning has the usual suspects to throw to again this year. So the passing game should be as good or maybe even put up better stats since James is gone.

3. Giants-Peyton's lil bro Eli is becoming a heck of an NFL QB in his own right. Eli has plenty of targets to toss the pigskin to. Tiki Barber seems to age like a fine wine. He keeps getting better with age.

4. Bengals-True Carson Palmer still has some questions about his health heading into the season. But I think Carson should be alright even if he struggles early. The Bengals have one of the best WR's combos in the game. Rudi Johnson is a very underrated RB. To much talent on offense for this team not be in the top five.

5. Chiefs-Larry Johnson has a great chance to lead the league in rushing this year. Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez are aging but still can get it done. Despite only having really Gonzalez as a consistent target, Trent Green seems to pass for 4,000 yards with average recievers.

1. Bears-Sure this defense had a let down against the Panthers in the NFC playoffs. But the Bears have serious talent on the defensive side in the ball. I expect them to work out their issues that they had against the Panthers.

2. Seahawks-Led the NFL in sacks last year. Tatapu is among the best LB's in the game. The Hawks also added LB Julian Peterson. The Seahawks have a young and talented secondary. It also helps to play the Niners twice a year.

3. Steelers-The Steelers even after lossing two starters from last years unit should be just as good or better this year. Brett Keisel adds more of a pass rush to the Dline. The 4 starting LB's is among the best in the NFL as a whole unit. The Steelers secondary is young and talented.

4. Redskins-The Skins defense excels against the run and makes enough big plays. Their D-cordinator Greg Williams gets the most out of this talented group.

5. Jaqs-The Jaqs have two the best DT's in the game to shut down the run. Mike Peterson is one the best MLB in the NFL. Rashean Mathis anchors the Jaqs secondary.

07-25-2006, 08:14 PM
[QUOTE=Lyn]Who do you think is going to own these awards by the end of the upcomig season?

-MVP: Larry Johnson (barring injuries of course)

-DPOY: Takeo Spikes or Sean Taylor - Spikes is coming back from a serious injury and he is hungrier than ever! Taylor I believe will put it together and show what serious damage he can do, hes a playmaker. So, I believe it'll be either/or.

-OPOY: Steve Smith

-OROY: This is a crapshoot Santonio Holmes because he is straight raw talent and has phenominal speed...Deangelo Williams because of his situation in Carolina and his Big Play abilities...and last but not least Sinorice Moss just for the fact that he is going to be playing slot receiver going against less talented CB and LB's and with his speed and his balance he is going to be blowing past defenses.

-DROY: Mario Williams because he is a BEAST!! 6'7" 294 and is built like the hulk and the topper is he can RUN FAST he will rack up 10 sacks for his rookie season.

-BEST Record - Steelers because I think they are just such a well rounded team...their offense has a bunch of young playmakers consisting of Big Ben, Heath Miller, Willie Parker( pure potential), and of course the 1st round selection Santonio Holmes. And the defense has big tough physical players with a LB core that has to be one of the most feared out there and their DB's are solid players and with the way Troy Polumalu played last year they won't have any problems defending the pass.

-WORST Record - 49ers because they gave up their playmaker on defense and their playmaker on offense..Julian Peterson, and Brandon Lloyd...and who they have to look on too is Alex Smith who didnt impress me one bit and Arnaz Battle who showed sum pazzaz but once again didnt impress me . They brought in Vernon Davis which is a big move but with Alex trying to get him the ball good luck with that.

- #1 offensive team - Another crapshoot. I think the Steelers have an awesome amount of raw talent combined with an even larger amount of veteran talent that could easily produce many seamless victories. With Ward & Company, Big Ben as the field general and Polumalu & Company, the Steelers can effortlessly be dangerous. Then there are the Bengals with their combinatiion of talented, tall, athletic, and dominate WR with the trio of Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmanzendah, and Chris Henry with that speed and the body size of 6'5". They have their young competent QB Carson Palmer who will come back 100% and efficently direct the Bengals. I can't leave out their HB, Rudi Johnson who is a power. I could go on and on even mention the Ravens, Cowboys, Patriots, there is a huge magnitude of expertise on all teams in the NFL, none are to be cut short.

-#1defensive team- On paper, the Ravens have a top D team but paper does not always transfer onto the field. They are solid but not toppers. Their offense doesnt compliment the great defense they have, their offense cant move the ball and their defense always has to grind it out and its too much pressure, so I believe their offense is holding their defense back. Its a battle between the Steelers, Bucs and the Seahawks. Steelers & Bucs have been solid at defense year in and year out but just how much the Seahawks have improved at the defensive side of the ball by bringing in Julian Peterson to a LB crew that consists of an expereinced Jamie Sharper and Lofa Totupu.

-#1 pass O - The Colts because they have Addai but still I still think Peyton will end up looking like Dan Marino so he may even end up breaking his passing record!

-#1 pass D - Because of complex schemes they run on defense and there ability to intercept the ball and just flat out because of the Steeler D

-#1run O- Another crapshoot Steelers? Bengals? Seattle? Patriots? Dallas? Ravens?

-#1 run D - Ravens they just have that defense that has molded into a defense that follows the ball and with that D-line consisting of Trevor Pryce, Kelly Gregg, Haloti Ngata, and Terrel Suggs and the playmaking LB's back the Steelers are gonna have a hard time beating them.

Your top 5 offensive teams:

1.Seahawks- they have a consistent running game and the way they run that west coast offense its just poetry in motion.

2.Colts- They have a gem in Peyton Manning and they can just throw the ball anywhere and they would have a great wide out there to catch it. now the run game is up for grabs it will either be extremely successful or pretty poor but either way they will move the ball well on offense.

3.Bengals- well Chad Johnson speaks for himself and with the help of a very successful O-line and running game you really cant go wrong...they have an extremly smart, young QB in Carson and assuming they can stay out of jail and on the playing field well they just have "the formula"

4.Panthers- Steve Smith speaks for himself and now they brought in Keyshawn they finally have the duo they were looking for in the "Moose" and Smith. Jake Delhomme is another consistent smart QB who's talent is pretty amazing. now their running backs are extraordinary too because whenever Foster is healthy he produces great plays and now with the "loud-mouth" Deangelo Williams coming to town the running game will be a respectible one.

5.Cowboys-TO nuff said

Your Top Defensive Teams:

1. Bucs

2. Ravens

3. Steelers

4. Sewhawks

5. Cowboys

Black@Gold Forever32
07-25-2006, 08:26 PM
Lyn, my Steelers sister. You have Steve Smith listed as you DPOY. I think you ment him for OPOY.

07-25-2006, 08:38 PM
thanks for the heads up!~

Black@Gold Forever32
07-25-2006, 08:47 PM
thanks for the heads up!~

No problem I always knew I would be good for something.