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06-19-2012, 08:07 PM
Make your W/L and record prediction using the template below.

1 Sun, Sep 9 @Denver 8:20 PM NBC
2 Sun, Sep 16 vsNew York(Jets) 4:15 PM CBS
3 Sun, Sep 23 @Oakland 4:15 PM CBS
5 Sun, Oct 7 vsPhiladelphia 1:00 PM FOX
6 Thu, Oct 11 @Tennessee 8:20 PM NFL
7 Sun, Oct 21 @Cincinnati 8:20 PM NBC
8 Sun, Oct 28 vsWashington 1:00 PM FOX
9 Sun, Nov 4 @New York(Giants) 4:15 PM CBS
10 Mon, Nov 12 vsKansas City 8:30 PM
11 Sun, Nov 18 vsBaltimore 8:20 PM NBC
12 Sun, Nov 25 @Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS
13 Sun, Dec 2 @Baltimore 4:15 PM CBS
14 Sun, Dec 9 vsSan Diego 1:00 PM CBS
15 Sun, Dec 16 @Dallas 4:15 PM CBS
16 Sun, Dec 23 vsCincinnati 1:00 PM CBS
17 Sun, Dec 30 vsCleveland 1:00 PM CBS

06-19-2012, 09:28 PM
I was on the money last season with my game by game break-down. It's getting close to the season and things can predicted a little more thorough and smoother by pure gut.

Record: 11-5

@Denver: W- The revenge tour starts NOW & for two weeks we're going to grab it let it fall on our lap and completely savagely rip it to shreds. The setting is simple if you ask me. We were EMBARRASSED on NATIONAL television against the league's worst QB, quite....EVER. Not only do we have a chance at redemption and pay-back, the football Gods gave it to us on NATIONAL television once more. What better way to avenge one of the worst playoff loss's against the worst QB-quite-ever, than to beat and humiliate one of the best quarterbacks quite ever on the SAME field?
Pittsburgh: 27
Denver: 16

vsNew York(Jets): W- Heinz Field, opening day. The Steelers are not only one of the league's most dominating teams at home, but one of of most dominating teams on home opening day/night. 2 weeks in a row is a revenge game and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of Mr. Tim Tebow in sub-packages while Sanchez struggles mightily with our overwhelming blitzing schemes of relentlessness. I believe Rex will throw some stuff at us as well and it could be a low scoring affair, which plays into our hands as the crowd will be electric since the Steelers played their last 3 games on the road dating back to last season (@ Denver, @ Denver, @ Cleveland) so the Steelers return to Heinz Field will be as crazy as can be as the home crowd will be out for BLOOD with those Terrible Towels.
Jets 10
Steelers 17

@Oakland: L- Shades of 2006 keep creeping into my eyesight and the sheer terror Oakland instilled in Ben Roethlisberger. I don't like this setup & believe Oakland is one of the toughest places to travel. Palmer knows our defense well and we struggled last season with stout offensive lines and big running backs, ala Darren McFadden. This could be our first drop as the Black Hole will be fired up to hand us our first loss.
Steelers 14
Raiders 23


vs Philadelphia: W- Even though Philly looks outstanding on paper, we put them to shame in every philosophical category judging by what happens on the grid-iron. I don't believe Michael Vick is good enough to process our defense nor do I think he's durable enough to withstand the hits he's likely to take. A balanced attack from our offense should shred the Eagles secondary and especially their linebacking core. Too many mis-match's in our favor. Plus, we always play well against NFC opponents.
Eagles 13
Steelers 24

@Tennessee: W- Playing at Tennessee is always difficult & Tennessee can be a sleeper on many boards this upcoming season but I believe they are too young of a team dealing with an up & coming threat with Houston in their division so drawing the Steelers on National Television could give them problems with a young football team. Tennessee is a work in progress and it will show when the stakes are higher, just like last season.
Steelers 27
Titans 9

@Cincinnati: L- The Bengals always play the Steelers tough, even in their putrid Bungle days dating all the way back in 1998-present. They seem to always show up atleast once a season against Pittsburgh and they made it a competitve outing in Cincniatti last season. Another Nationally Televised game so the Jungle will be rockin' and feasting with crowd noise. I expect Cincy to steal one from us here.
Steelers 21
Bengals 24

vsWashington: W- RGIII may have his "welcome to the NFL" moment before this, but you simply don't arrive in the NFL until you meet the Pittsburgh Steelers, on the road, your rookie season. The Steelers draw the perfect bounce back game and handle Washington the way they should.
Redskins 14
Steelers 30

@New York(Giants): L- Usually late in the season, the Steelers are known to drop an ugly one, especially on the road in hostile environments. Usually this bodes difficult late in the season to host a contending team for a Super Bowl champ, but if Eli Manning is playing as good this late as he did last season, then we can have difficulties matching up with a well-coached team with many weapons.
Steelers 13
Giants 27

vsKansas City: W- Coming back home once more, this will be a big AFC Conference game IMO, especially after potentially already losing to teams like Oakland and Cincinnati. Kansas City showed last year that a defensive minded team led by a defensive minded coach like Romeo Crennel can give us fits and that they did last year in Kansas City. Yes we have the advantage playing at home but I think the Chiefs can be a bigger threat this season than they were last season but we must get back on track and simply escape this game INJURY FREE before Baltimore, something we failed to do in 2011.
Chiefs 17
Steelers 27

vsBaltimore: W- Possibly the defining moment for our 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only do we got Baltimore at home, but we got first crack at them in front of a frenzied crowd seeking the biggest game on the revenge tour because we see them in 2 weeks-time. Health is important to a win here and if we can keep it together throughout the season, I believe we have a chance to sweep Baltimore within a game of each other.
Ravens 16
Steelers 21

@Cleveland: W- Trap written all over it, but we remember the kind of derailment Cleveland put on our tracks last season in both games played. With a new direction and a new QB learning a new system, a re-do like Brandon Weeden will set back Cleveland for a little while but their defense still worries me, even more-so than Baltimores.
Steelers 28
Browns 10

@Baltimore: W- We complete the sweep at Baltimore because I have no faith in a QB like Joe Flacco catching lighting in the bottle twice against Pittsburgh like he did in 2011. With the loss to us just 2 weeks ago, I believe this entire Ravens team will feel those effects and Flacco will crumble mightily in front of his home fans, proving why he isn't the best QB in the league.
Steelers 17
Ravens 13

vsSan Diego: L- With a mentally exhausting 3 game AFC NORTH and division stretch, Philip Rivers and the Chargers will hand us our first loss at home and catch the Steelers with a very un-balanced performance, kind of like what the Jets did in '10 in the regular season towards the end of our season. Rivers has the type of arm that could throttle us and I believe San Diego will be in contention in the AFC this season.
Chargers 24
Steelers 14

@Dallas: L- The Steelers and Cowboys meet for the first time since 2008 and the Steelers, for this entire decade (we even played a Super Bowl IN Dallas) has Dallas's number in this matchup of epic history proportions. The Cowboys are due to take one from us. We'll continue a tiny slide entering the post-season as Dallas hands us our first 2 game losing streak in the late-season on the fast track.
Steelers 27
Cowboys 34

Dec 23 vs Cincinnati: W- We get back on the winning track and we couldn't ask for a better time as we even the series with the Bengals to determine playoff seeding. Bengals get us at a BAD time.
Bengals 13
Steelers 30

vsCleveland: W- Steelers continue their domination VS Cleveland and wrap up the division as they finish 11-5 with the sweep of Baltimore, the sweep of Cleveland and splitting with Cincinnati.
Browns 9
Steelers 23

06-22-2012, 09:15 PM
Nice breakdown SS

06-24-2012, 11:31 PM
why settle for less :noidea:

06-29-2012, 04:30 PM

Split with the NFC East and lose to Baltimore once and Cincy once.

Fire Arians
06-29-2012, 04:34 PM
i always get nervous when facing the browns late in the season, big ben always gets injured in those games. i honestly think the browns are out to hurt him, just an observation

06-29-2012, 10:35 PM
I'll say

Split with Baltimore and Cincinnati, losses to Oakland, Philly, NYG and Kansas City.

I think Cincinnati wins the division this year. Just making my prediction :coffee:


Hawaii 5-0
06-29-2012, 11:44 PM
I think Cincinnati wins the division this year. Just making my prediction :coffee:


you forgot one small thing:



06-30-2012, 03:06 AM
I don't see a team that we don't have a good chance of beating in the NFL this year but I will predict a 13-3 season and going 5-1 in the division.