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06-29-2012, 08:06 PM
Brees tells Letterman NFL is engaged in “smear campaign”

Posted by Michael David Smith on June 29, 2012


If the NFL is at all worried about the potential for backlash from fans who think the league has been heavy-handed in the Saints bounty investigation, then the folks inside the league office probably weren’t laughing when they watched Thursday’s edition of Late Show With David Letterman.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees appeared on Thursday night’s show and bashed the league office for its handling of the case, accusing the NFL of caring more about paying lip service to player safety than about getting to the truth of what happened. And the truth, according to Brees, is that Saints players weren’t engaged in a pay-to-injure scheme, despite what the NFL may say.

“I mean, just the whole process itself and the investigation I feel like has been extremely unfair. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s been more of a media campaign than it is actually finding the truth to the matter,” Brees said. “Put forth the facts, the truth, and if indeed there was a pay-to-injure scheme, then people will get punished, and if there’s not, then let’s exonerate these men because, at this point, it seems like it’s a smear campaign. We’re dragging them through the mud. We’re ruining their reputations and careers with no true evidence.”

Those comments aren’t much different than the comments that Brees and other Saints players have made in other forums. But for Brees to go on what is normally a lighthearted comedy show and make those highly charged comments brings the message of the Saints players — their belief that the NFL botched its bounty investigation — to a new audience.

And that’s the audience the league really has to be careful about alienating. The hard-core football fans who follow all the NFL news all offseason long love football so much that they’re going to watch when the season starts no matter what actions the league office may take. It’s the more casual football fans, the ones who only hear what’s going on in the NFL during the offseason when they happen to catch it on a show like Letterman’s, that the league risks losing. And when one of the NFL’s best and most popular players is openly questioning the league’s integrity to that kind of audience, that’s just the kind of offseason distraction the NFL hates.

Brees’s appearance wasn’t all about slamming the Saints, and there were some laughs along the way. Letterman got off a good line, telling Brees that if he’s fed up in New Orleans he can get a job with the Jets, and Brees drew laughs with his response, saying the Jets have enough quarterbacks already. But the takeaway that most Letterman viewers will have from Brees’s appearance is that he’s a smart, thoughtful player who is mad as hell about how the NFL has treated his team and his teammates.

When Roger Goodell talks about the importance of “protecting the the shield,” he’s not talking about ripping the league in a public forum. But that’s exactly what Brees did. And many viewers likely concluded that Brees is exactly right.


06-30-2012, 01:17 PM
Brees is HUGE a-hole. He's proven it time and time and time again over the last 12 months. The funny thing about this is that Brees has played the media (with their help i may add) to make it "appear" as he's the most soft-spoken, nicest, most down-to-earth guy that has ever lived......when in fact he's a complete pr**k and as arrogant as they come.
And also..talk about biting the hand that feeds you. This a-hole saying this stuff is the same guy that is holding the Saints up to become the highest paid player in NFL history (because Tom Brady and Peyton Manning money just isn't enough....he's gotta take care of his family for the future ya know and that kind of money just won't do it..).
Never mind that Brees is the most prolific "stat-padder" in NFL history. You can watch a Saints game that they're winning 37-3 late in the 4th quarter and Brees will still be passing on at least 3 of the 4 downs. Its downright pathetic. When i see the "5000+ yard stats, i just can't help but cry "not real".

He's holding the entire organization hostage right now because he can. The city and organization feels that since they're involved in the bounty scandal that they "should give Brees whatever he wants" (which is ludicrous) and everytime i watch football on sportscenter, the analysts are alll pushing this as well. If anyone on the planet should SHUT his ^*%)#! mouth, it should be this pompous, prima donna, horses a**.
I"ve really grown to dislike this guy just about more than anyone in the game. He's a fake. Pure and simple.

I would LOVE to see the Saints play hardball and NOT give in, but we all know that, unfortunately, they will.