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06-11-2005, 05:35 PM
Left tackle Ross Verba walked into the Browns' facility on Thursday morning, returned a bonus check for $465,000, said goodbye to his teammates and was promptly released.

Before he left, he even got a chance to wish good luck to his replacement, L.J. Shelton, who was introduced Thursday afternoon as the Browns' new starting left tackle.

Talk about not letting the door hit you on the way out.

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"The deed is done," said Verba. "Now I'm free to sign with any team. It's over."

Verba, 31, is the top offensive tackle on the open market and is free to sign with anyone. He said his agent, Tom Condon, told him that 10 teams have already called to express interest. He wouldn't reveal which ones, but did name a few he'd like to play for.

"I'm interested mostly in the teams that need tackles," he said. "I'd like to play for San Diego, Houston, Buffalo, Chicago, Kansas City, San Francisco, someone like that."

He said he'll start making visits next week. But those with little cash to spare need not apply.

"I'm telling teams, 'If you're not willing to give me a big multiyear contract, don't even bring me in," he said.

How big? "$35 million," said Verba. "If I don't get what I want, I'll walk away from the game and hold my head up high."

He said his teammates were disappointed to see him go.

06-11-2005, 07:11 PM
I like Verba. I would be thrilled if he were to end up in Black and Gold. But I know we won't spend the cash... especially with Kemoeatu here... and Trai Essex... can't forget Trai... even though he will never be a starter or even a productive sub. Yeah... I still hate that pick... can you tell? :banging:

06-11-2005, 09:27 PM
How abnout him saying that if he doesn`t get at least 35 mil. he is retiring. BS I say so lets see Ross if someone offers say 30 mil, its easier to sit at home and get a real job? This guy has had his problems here in Cle. He is known for hanging around some pretty shady people. Maybe he is just trying to clean up a little before signing somewhere. I don`t know though.

06-11-2005, 09:33 PM
I think Verba played for Cleveland long enough to forget what winning is like. Can't blame him just going for the money at this point. It's all he knows.

Maybe he can call Ty Law for some tips on landing that big money contract. :)

06-11-2005, 09:36 PM
Verba must not be married. Opting to cause enough commotion to be released from a $7M paycheck for '05 and then threatening to retire if he doesn't get a $35M contract would cause most wives in the U.S. to kill.

06-11-2005, 09:40 PM
And just like that, the clown merry go round off season history continues..

06-11-2005, 10:38 PM
not many know trai, but he was rated as a top 5 T before the season started. and he fell as the season went on. but he has great footwork, bc he was Te i dont mind the pick ata ll, but we did reach for him.

06-11-2005, 11:22 PM
he was a reach, and his combine workouts were nothing special at all.. but if Russ Grimm likes him, hey, thats all I need to know.

06-14-2005, 02:24 PM
I hope Verba plays for Chicago,they suck worse than the Browns for the rest of his career,and he gets all his toes frostbitten.

I just don't like him,I don't think he's as good as people say he is.If he's so good,then why is he so easily replacable in Cleveland?They have one of the shittyest OL's in the AFC,if not football in general.