View Full Version : Help A Long Time Steelers Fan

07-26-2012, 09:17 PM
I live in Nebraska. I've been a Steelers fan my entire life but have never been to Pittsburgh. For my 40th birthday, my wife surprised me with a trip to see them in person. She took care of the transportation and hotel and gave me the cash to get tickets. So what's the problem?

1. She picked November 18 vs. the Ravens. Naturally, that's awesome because I'd love to watch the Black 'n Gold beat down those @#&@*#&@s from Baltimore. But the tickets are the priciest game of the year.
2. I'm cool sitting anywhere but she has a condition that won't let her sit in the upper deck of just about any stadium. The steepness of the seats makes her sick to her stomach.

The combination of the two seems to be making it impossible because I only have about $200.00 per ticket to spend. Anyone out there want to help a lifelong fan see his dream game?