View Full Version : Team development process continues at camp

08-02-2012, 07:04 AM
Teresa Varley
After a few days where players got into scuffles during practice, the hitting on Wednesday was contained to what went on in drills, which Coach Mike Tomlin has been mixing up every day.

Practices over the last few days have included backs-on-backers and offensive line against defensive line. Other drills took center stage on a hot, but dry, day at St. Vincent College.

“We’re just continuing on with the team development process,” said Tomlin. “We put them in some situations, including linebackers versus tight ends and running backs in coverage. In addition, we did a few other things such as wide receivers versus defensive backs, releases.

“But overall it was good work. We’ll evaluate it this evening and push forward as we continue our week.”

Tomlin has been successful so far with the Steelers because he knows how to deal with his players. He knows the right buttons to push and when to push them.

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