View Full Version : 65-year-old Woman Fires at Five Attempted Robbers

08-02-2012, 07:21 PM
A 65-year-old woman fired two rounds from a handgun at five masked men after they attempted to rob her jewelry store in Garden Grove, Calif. on Sunday. Her shots sent the men fleeing in such a panic that they literally tripped over each other trying to exit the store, KTLA Reports. (http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-garden-grove-jewelry-robbery,0,7434801.story?track=rss)

The woman then went running after them down the street, still gripping her pistol. And all of it was caught on surveillance camera.

In fact, the would-be robbers were in such a frenzy from her gunfire that their white getaway SUV actually left three of the suspects behind. They were later picked up roughly a block and a half away. :rofl:

Police are still looking for the suspects.

According to KCAL, the five men entered the store wearing masks while some wore hoods. Police have confirmed that at least two of the men had guns

Lt. Jeff Nightengale of the Garden Grove Police Department told KCAL that three of the men were also carrying pillowcase, most likely to carry their loot. But they never got that far — and they certainly didn’t expect the old woman to fight back so fiercely.

“They demanded everyone get down on the ground. They asked for valuables inside the store,” Nightengale said.

Moments later, the 65-year-old owner whipped out her handgun and shot two rounds at the group of thugs, sending them scrambling out the front door.

Surveillance image.

The video's even better.

tony hipchest
08-02-2012, 09:37 PM
too bad she didnt have a mini-arsenal of ak-47's, ar-15's, mac-10's, and tek-9's plus 10,000 rounds...

she may have been fortunate enough to kill a passer by or 2.

while protecting herself and property all in the same, its a shame she didnt maximize her 2nd amendment rights and extinguish the lives of the 5 attempted robbers.

live and learn.