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08-05-2012, 01:00 AM
Some of you might have seen my art on the art section of the board, I'm an artist and was invited out to St. Vincent's College in Latrobe by a Priest who lives there. My goal was to give a few players (Ben, Polamalu, Antonio Brown, Woodley and Timmons) art I did of them in return for a few autographs. The 1st day I was lucky enough to bump into Brett Keisel...unbelievably huge guy!!! I'm big myself and he made me feel like he could squash me with one hand....lol! Next morning went down to the field to feel out the situation without all the art, and was lucky enough to meet Troy Polamalu and Woodley, who both told me they would sign for me after practice. SO hurried up and got the art to bring down was all set up for the time Woodley said it would be over and security who watched me talk to these players kicked me out (it was a closed to public practice, but I was allowed on campus as a guest). Had they not done that, I would have got it all signed right there within minutes. Was a pretty deflating blow. But luckily Woodley responded to me on twitter (and now following me on twitter) then and I went down the next morning again closed to public they almost kicked me out again but Woodley saw me and called me over and signed for me quick. Then was even luckier that Antonio Brown came up in minutes and did too, then they kicked me out again....just missed Polamalu coming up the hill!! Now I was giving the players the original art work (pieces I put 12-20 hours into) so I wasn't just asking for autos. I was the only one there no big security risk, and I absolutely listened to everything they asked me to do...I probably coulda pushed it a little and got Polamalu's since he knew I was coming down with it. But didn't want to get security staff members in trouble as I know they were just following orders from above...but growing up a NFL fan...with this experience not really sure I want my kids to worship these players (even though it wasn't the players that gave me the problem) and teams if thats how they will treat the people that support them...all in all I was happy with the experience but felt there was no need to be kicked out as we were 100% respectful and didn't not cause any problems at all. Woodley was a class act! As well as Antonio Brown!!! Polamalu was a much bigger guy in person than I expected, wish I coulda followed through and got his auto, but oh well...really wish I could have met Timmons being a life long FSU Fan. But overall it was cool being a guest of the school and getting that close what time we did get with the players was very memorable! Keep in mind the Priest's live there this is their home, and I was a guest , guess I didn't care for the Steeeles staff's we run the joint attitude...anyway just thought I'd share the experience if anyone has any questions about it I'll answer what I can.

Here's a pic when I met Keisel!


tony hipchest
08-05-2012, 01:08 AM
very cool. your watercolors are great. i sure hope the p[layers hook you up w/ more than an auto when you gave the originals to them. :tt03:

08-05-2012, 01:16 AM
very cool. your watercolors are great. i sure hope the p[layers hook you up w/ more than an auto when you gave the originals to them. :tt03:

Naw...wasn't looking for more than that anyway it was quick when they signed I was having a rough morning the morning they signed with some tough news from home (live 5 hours away). One PR guys was real cool to me that morning and put his neck out there for me (really wish I had a way to contact him)...told him not to get his self in trouble. He was gonna call Woodley. But I was kinda down with the news from home, but Woodley made my day cause he saw me as he walking up to the gym and started yelling to me asking me if I have the stuff. Told him if we can work something out in the future I'll do one of him in the new throwbacks with all his tattoos, since he gave me crap they weren't on there...lol. Told him the picture I worked from was from a few years ago...haha.

08-05-2012, 07:18 PM
Is there a link to look at your artwork? If you have one I suggest you put it in your sig.

08-05-2012, 07:25 PM
Whats the chances of getting Keisel and Grizzly Adams in the same pic. :chuckle:

08-05-2012, 10:23 PM
That's a pretty cool story. You got closer to the players than a lot of us will ever get!

08-06-2012, 12:03 AM
Whats the chances of getting Keisel and Grizzly Adams in the same pic. :chuckle:

lol...that is Keisel in the painting, that was an exhibit at St. Vincents a bunch of art from the Rooney's private collection was being auctioned off in a silent auction...the was 2 of Keisel there one in his Steelers and that one painted like a mountain man. Saw him looking at them and walked up to him and that guys mustache looks familiar...he got a chuckle out of it!