View Full Version : SportsCenter Spends The Day Celebrating Tim Tebow’s Birthday

Atlanta Dan
08-14-2012, 08:47 PM
It was Tim Tebow's 25th birthday today. Did you hear?...

just a few hours of today's SportsCenter, which included: six minutes of coverage devoted exclusively to the topic of Tim Tebow's birthday; 40 seconds of Kevin Negandhi reading birthday tweets sent to Tebow; Herman Edwards, Adam Schefter, and Marcellus Wiley offering their own birthday wishes; and someone saying "Tebow" or "happy birthday" several dozen times in all.

ESPN, this is your low point.


The video of Herm Edwards wearing a party hat while celebrating today's blessed event is unbelievable.

tony hipchest
08-14-2012, 10:17 PM
The Fake ESPN‏@TheFakeESPN

March 21st, The Year of Our Lord of the Wildcat 24 - John Elway betrays Tebow, turns him over to Rexius Ryan.

10hThe Fake ESPN‏@TheFakeESPN

April 22nd, The Year of Our Lord of the Wildcat 23 - Broncos draft Tebow in the 1st round, 25th overall.

10hThe Fake ESPN‏@TheFakeESPN

April 26th, the year 4 B.T. - Baltimore Colts take John Elway with no.1 pick, trade him to Broncos. #BeforeTebow

10hThe Fake ESPN‏@TheFakeESPN

The year 17 B.T. - NFL/AFL merger becomes official. #BeforeTebow

10hThe Fake ESPN‏@TheFakeESPN

The year 67 B.T. - American Professional Football Conference founded, would later be renamed National Football League. #BeforeTebow

10hThe Fake ESPN‏@TheFakeESPN

All NFL related historical events before August 14th, 1987 will now be designated as B.T. #BeforeTebow