View Full Version : My Training Camp experience thursday 8/16

08-18-2012, 11:28 AM
*i didnt know where to post this sorry*

My girlfriend and I decided to go to Training camp for the first time on our anniversary.(even with the 4hour drive from Gettysburg) So i figured I would share our experience and some of our pictures for people who have not been able to go.
First of i have to say all (ok most) of the fans there were great and very friendly, we even met a couple that held our spot to get autographs while we went down to the field to watch practice.
Second, seeing these athletes up close in person was awesome. They are some big dudes.

I have to say two players that really stuck out to me was Ryan Clark ad Josh Victorian. Ryan was out there signing peoples stuff for a long time while everyone was getting ready for practice. Josh Victorian stayed for awhile after practice as well. Signing everything in sight and talking/joking around with the fans. The kid seems like a good guy and i hope he can make the team or at least the PS.
Autographs i got:
Ryan Clark FS
Terrence Frederick #37 CB
Tony Clemons #11 WR
Josh Victorian #35 CB
Tyler Beiler #19 WR
Brandon Johnson #48 LB
Jason Worilds #93 OLB
Matt Katula #49 LS :chuckle:
Chris Rainey #22 RB (although his autpgraph is horrible and looks like he wrote #72 :chuckle:)
Close to getting Troy, Ta'Amu, Adams, Starks, Spence, and a few other scrubs. Mendy/Decastro had no interest in signing anything for anyone, but oh well
It was so much fun and we plan to go again! :tt04: