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08-26-2012, 08:20 PM
Total lack of faith in the new Todd Haley offense by myself was saved by a masterful two minute TD drive at the end of the first half. Ben needed to be the old Ben just long enough to throw a deep ball to Dwyer instead of playing it safe. After that he went back to the Haley system and it worked like a charm with many sideline passes to stop the clock. Something sorely lacking in Bruce Arians' offensive calls. The real bonus is Ben was calling those plays in the hurry up offense.

RB/Slash Chris Rainey. - Just get him some space and let him do the rest.

TE David Paulson has the rep of not being a very developed blocker yet he was the one boxing out multi-million dollar man Mario Williams on the Redman TD run and he did it with his shoulder only. By the way that was with the first team offense. Does this tell us something about Paulson making the final 53?

TE Wes Saunders I have noticed is now playing mostly at the end of games. Could be there is no point getting him work right now with the first team as he will be suspended the first 4 weeks or is he on his way out?

The TD to WR Derrick Williams was very clever as several other plays have been so far this pre-season by Todd Haley. Just the blocking schemes alone look much better. He certainly understands angles and getting guys in the right position to make plays.

WRs Toney Clemons and Marquis Maze seem to have fallen down some pegs in making the roster and are now replaced by Derrick Williams and David Gilreath. The Steelers hopefully get Clemons onto the practice squad though because that size and speed should not be given up on yet.

G Ryan Lee seems still regulated to playing late in the 4th with the scrubs, but he still does a good job pulling and sticking to his man.

CB Cortez Allen still looks like the better corner to me but Keenan Lewis seems to have won the starting job. But do you notice how far off Lewis plays his man most of the time? And he claims he is going to make a pro-bowl this year. You have to be more in the receiver's face then 10 yards off to be an all pro.

Anyone notice #37 out there? Most roster predictions have CB Terrence Frederick making the final 53 but to me I notice #35 CB Josh Victorian a lot more.

Brett Keisel hurt again. Good thing Cameron Heyward looks like he is coming on. Do you notice when Heyward is about to hit someone he has that sudden burst and explodes into the guy.

Trai Essex never should have lost weight it has hampered his strength.

LB Chris Carter is getting better each game. So is Adrian Robinson.

Didn't take much stock pre-camp when suggested it takes time to develop and learn to play the NT position, but seeing Ta'amu I realize it does.

Kelvin Beachum actually got better and it started with no penalties.

Max Starks - good old reliable Max. Kudos to those here suggesting he be re-signed (and that includes myself) as he has proven once again he can get the job done. What did he have like one short week of practice?

OT Mike Adams seems to have no trouble run blocking. He actually is pretty damn good, but still guys seem to run right around him to the QB in pass pro. Mike Mayock NFL network Draft guru actually thought he may not have quick enough feet for the Left Tackle position and usually the good road graders are put at the RT position. So who knows. He is still young and with a redshirt year ahead he can get a lot better but he could probably start practicing a little on the right side just in case he now is the swing man with Ramon Foster now the starting RG.

Final thoughts:

When in Buffalo drive to Niagara Falls (Canadian Side) and see a marvel to behold. Superman once saved a kid from falling in the falls there. He didn't save Louis Lane though.

And finally eat the original Buffalo Wings at the Anchor Bar where they were invented.


08-26-2012, 08:28 PM
Great Post! I agree with everything, and boy was it awesome to see the 2 minute drill touchdown!

Hawaii 5-0
08-26-2012, 08:53 PM

Post-Buffalo thoughts

Tough break for the Steelers, who possibly lost rookie David DeCastro for the season with a torn ACL in Saturday night's preseason victory over the Bills.

DeCastro, who started the game at right tackle, regardless of what Bob Pompeani and Edmund Nelson said, was going to be the team's starting right guard in the opener at Denver.

It wasn't even in question and handn't been in several weeks. He had performed that well.

Watching DeCastro's injury several times, it appears he could have been tripped up by right tackle Marcus Gilbert. If that was the case, Gilbert has now taken out two starters this preseason. He fell across fullback David Johnson's legs in the opener, ending his season with a torn ACL.

Ramon Foster will plug back in to the right guard spot, meaning Willie Colon will be the lone upgrade for the Steelers on their line this season.

Colon, by the way, had a tough game against the Bills. He can play better than he did in this one, as he allowed consistent pressure and got pushed into the backfield several times.

@ The news was a little better on Brett Keisel, who left with a slight high ankle sprain.

Keisel will be held out against Carolina Thursday night, but should be ready to go against Denver in Week 1.

@ After a slow start, the offense heated up in the second quarter. The defense did as well.

The defense consistently pressured Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, mixing in a number of blitzes this time around.

Did you see Lawrence Timmons level Fitzpatrick in the first quarter on a ball nearly picked off by LaMarr Woodley?


@ That's six interceptions in three preseason games. If the Steelers can carry that over to the regular season, they'll be very good.

@ Mike Adams took a nice step forward at left tackle in this one.

Max Starks played OK for his first time in game action. He'll be the starter, but Adams looked a little more like the future against the Bills than he had in the previous two preseason games.

Look for the Steelers to give him more work at guard moving forward, especially with DeCastro possibly out for the season.

Although, I've got to tell you, you won't see too many 6-8 guards.

But if he's going to be active on game days, he needs to be position flexible, as Mike Tomlin likes to say.

@ The Steelers threw some deep balls in this one for the first time this preseason. It was if they wanted to let Mike Wallace know that the other guys could get deep, too.

posted by Dale Lolley


08-26-2012, 09:54 PM
Especially agree about Starks. I don't understand what the issue there is. Steelers have not treated him well IMO and he is very capable.

Hawaii 5-0
08-27-2012, 01:07 AM
Steelers Roster Review: Winners Include Trai Essex, Mike Adams, Danny Hrapmann and Drew Butler

by Neal Coolong on Aug 26, 2012


As sad as this is to admit, it appears the biggest winner in the Steelers' 38-7 preseason victory over Buffalo Saturday is OL Trai Essex.

When RG David DeCastro went down with what looks like at least a half-season-ending injury, Essex's odds of making the 53-man roster went from long to not-so-long.

Depending on the severity of DeCastro's injury, it appears Ramon Foster will gain the starting right guard position. Doug Legursky likely had a roster spot anyway, but Essex's versatility - read: ability to play multiple positions - is a bigger benefit to the team now.

Essex hasn't looked outstanding this preseason, and he's not a lock for the roster, but it looked like he was on his way out before DeCastro went down.

Another winner was S Robert Golden, who very well may have earned a roster spot with his second preseason interception Saturday. He picked off Bills QB Vince Young in the fourth quarter, setting up a Derrick Williams touchdown reception from QB Byron Leftwich.

Add Leftwich to this list, who threw a second touchdown pass, a perfectly led dart to a streaking Antonio Brown in stride in the end zone. He proved again, if he has the time to load up that cannon of his, he'll fire it impressively.

Let's not forget K Danny Hrapmann, who hit another 40-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. He's 6-for-6 now, and has to be on Steelers coach Mike Tomlin's radar now. The pressure is on K Shaun Suisham, who, to his credit, has also been perfect this preseason. While it's still highly unlikely the Steelers release Suisham in favor of Hrapmann, there's little doubt Suisham's leash is going to be a lot shorter early in the season.

Oh, and P Drew Butler has a 48.2 yard average so far in the preseason. Unless the ball is somehow diluted for preseason games, punting and kicking are clearly the two actions in a football game that are not watered down due to where the game is on the schedule.

Oft-savaged rookie OT Mike Adams finally looked like the level of player the Steelers expected to get in the second round of this past April's draft. Adams played well top to bottom, and looked vastly more comfortable than he had in his previous two games. He was without question the most improved player from Preseason Games 2 to 3.

Losing out Saturday was third-round rookie Sean Spence, who had Bills RB Fred Jackson dead-to-rights in the hole on Buffalo's lone touchdown, only to stand flat-footed as Jackson cut back inside for the score. It appeared Spence was anticipating Jackson to run outside, and Spence hugged some air as Jackson scooted past him.

Certainly not a death sentence, but that play has to be made.

Some will want to blame RT Marcus Gilbert for it looking like he fell backward on DeCastro, causing his injury. Gilbert also fell on TE David Johnson, who also tore his ACL and is lost for the year. Again, bad luck, let's just hope Gilbert can remain on his feet for the rest of the season.


tony hipchest
08-27-2012, 01:25 AM
WRs Toney Clemons and Marquis Maze seem to have fallen down some pegs in making the roster and are now replaced by Derrick Williams and David Gilreath. The Steelers hopefully get Clemons onto the practice squad though because that size and speed should not be given up on yet.

"Toney Clemons might as well drop the 'E' in his first name. Hes droppong eveything else so far." :chuckle:

-Jim Wexell (after the 1st week of camp practices in Latrobe)

08-27-2012, 01:27 AM
Some will want to blame RT Marcus Gilbert for it looking like he fell backward on DeCastro, causing his injury. Gilbert also fell on TE David Johnson, who also tore his ACL and is lost for the year. Again, bad luck, let's just hope Gilbert can remain on his feet for the rest of the season.

Tomlin should play Gilbert on defense... specifically against Tom Brady. (The ghost of Kimo von Oelhoffen smiles.)

Just kidding... I do not root for injuries. Bad karma... but... well... if Tomlin did that, I wouldn't complain. :wink02:

08-27-2012, 01:34 AM
Maze probably mailed his invitation to the Turk for tomorrow afternoon with that drop in the last game. He's shown basically nothing and I don't expect him to make the final cutdown.