View Full Version : Can Somebody Please Just Give Buress And Damn Tissue??? Wtf??

06-12-2005, 06:29 PM
Learning the Plax of life

Giants hope toughest lessons are behind enigmatic Burress


For the offense I was in, I think I put up incredible numbers," he says. "I mean, imagine being a wide receiver and your team runs the ball 40-45 times a game. There's not enough balls to go around for everybody.

"And I never complained."

That's where Burress' reputation first begins to intercept his reality. The truth is, he did complain - at least that's how it appeared. Midway through the 2003 season he said it was "embarrassing" that he wasn't getting the ball more often, and he blamed the coaches, saying "I'm not having any trouble getting open, that's evident."

There are more reasons why Burress left the Steelers as a top-rate talent with a bottom-rate reputation, and more reasons why league-wide opinion of him was so bad that he was practically abandoned on the free-agent market. No matter what he did on the field, he was always made out to be a crybaby, a choker, a locker-room cancer or a thug.


OMG would somebody let this guy know that you cant blame others for your own mistakes!! IF he would have caught the dam ball more and not dropped it as much i would not care if he was gay, a thug, master p, or Mr. frickin Rogers!! just catch the dam thing and drop it every other time and nobody would giev a dam about what else you do! and im not talking about what happened with his mother either....i understand all that.