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07-30-2006, 08:20 PM
Hey, guys. I'm just wanna show you what I got. I wanted to wait until I move into a new home, but I couldn't resist to "show off." :bouncy: Cuz I'm so excited. First of all, I wanna say thanks to all those from Steelersfever who gave me tips. :hug: And I wanna take this ooportunity tp thank the academy ... :smile: No just kidding. :smile: These are my SI regular issues from 2005 season and I finally framed them up. The other, I did't make it, but my wife bought for me for my birthday in last April.

Now I all got left is some collective UpperDeck 2005 SB cards that I don't know how to frame up. :dang: Well, I'll show you guys what I did to my room or corner (My wife said she won't let me take the whole room to "mess it up" with the football stuff) when I'm back in Mongolia. ::sofunny:



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Nice....I am also collecting my memorabelia as I am finishing my basement. 1500sq feet of empty basement will become a home theater room, poker room & bar with Steelers theme!