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09-09-2012, 10:29 AM


Written by : Motley (weiner dog) Cru

The Terrible Totley Fantasy Forecast

Each Week I will be doing fantasy projections on top players and reviews. Not to steal anything from tico, but I'm a weiner dog and I can do what I want. Go Steelers!


1.)Peyton manning- expect him to get destroyed by the steelers D. Woof hopefully he's still not taking naked pictures with his brother in the bathtub. Sit him :tt02:
2.)Cam Newton- I like him and the way he plays the game. He has tampa bay all I can say about tampa is..... I hear the weather is nice there. They are awful!
3.)RG 3- Well he is playing New Orleans. Just wanted to say if he and marshawn lynch made a baby, it would look like the predator. Deff start Bree's he is coming off a huge season and I wanna eat the thing on his face


1.) Washington Redskins- We have no clue who will start royster, morris, or helu. My money is on royster. Loved this kid in penn state. Didnt love the boy touching. I just ate some poop but if I had a choice money is on royster to win the starting job.
2.) Pittsburgh Steelers- Such a talented group we have. Redman, Mendenhall, Dwyer,Rainey. Hopefully Ike is good enough to go today I think he will have a huge game. Dont like mendenhall he does alot of stupid things like hump ben after we beat the jets. All he does is a stupid spin move. I run in circles as well and get treats.
Cant blame him for the humping though I hump the sh!t out of my mailbox. Look for rainey to have a great year I just hope he stays healthy. Look for him to put up darren sprole like numbers!
3.)Jacksonville Jags- Go figure another horrible florida team. Start Jennings, mojo will play today but dont expect him to get a lot of carries. Thats what happens when you holdout for money. Reminds me of somebody else but we wont mention any names but he plays for us, wears number 17, and his first name rhymes with dyke.


1.) Pittsburgh Steelers- We are going back to the running game a little more. Its tuff picking our wr but brown, and wallace have done well over the past season. Look for Heatttttttttttttthhhhhhh to have his best season ever. Young Money crew is awesome hopefully sanders can stay healthy all year. Look for cotchery to surprise us and rainey to get involved as well.
2.) Pierre Garcon- This kid is a beast and RG3's favorite target as well he will have a probowl ritten all over him. The redskins will accomplish nothing this year because there coach looks like a fetus.
3.)Torrey Smith- I like to eat birds and bring them to people as gifts. He is big, tall, and has crazy speed. To bad he has a pedophile throwing to him. Sweet stash Mr. flacco. You are a choke artist and i hope you catch gonorrhea.
4.) Brandon Loydd- Welcome to the cheaters you will have a good year. Give tom turkey plenty of hugs or the ball will be going to gronkowski, and mr welker. Here is five dollars tell your coach to get a personality.

Well woof woof got to go lick myself and get my treat go steelers! :tt04::tt03: