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09-13-2012, 06:45 AM
Got this from another message board from a poster who broke down the All-22 coaches film on Hood. As I have long suspected, Ziggy would be a beast as a one-gap 4-3 DT. He's being wasted in this defense, and to a lesser extent, so is Lamaar Woodley, flopping and flailing around in coverage when he should be bearing down on opposing QBs. When you tell your 3 DL to stand up in "read/react" mode, Woodley drops into coverage, and you line your corners 10 yards off the ball, a QB like Manning will pick it apart.

To say that I've been critical of this pick would be an understatement. Always liked the player. Never liked the fit in our scheme, it's a waste of an explosive guys' talents to force him into a read/react "standup titfight" style

So I watched him exclusively for the entire game with the All-22 Coaches' film. A few brief points

1. When he's allowed to attack, he is impressive
2. He absorbed quite a few double teams (at least 18 of 44 plays, including penalties and 2-pt conversion attempts)
3. Bore strong responsibility for Foote's sack of Manning, as he abused Walton and Beadles, and drove them straight into backfield
4. Played as a 1-gap attacking NT on multiple occasions and had good success, including the Foote sack
5. Had 6 negative plays, 4 plays I graded @ -0.5, 2 plays @ -1.0

negative plays:
--1st QTR, 14:23, attacked around edge, pushed past QB by Franklin (-0.5)
--1st QTR, 8:16, caught in pile when Ramirez held him up and Walton chopped him, McGahee ran around right end (-0.5)

++2nd QTR, 6:57, nickel D, Ziggy penetrated from 3T but was caught in trap block by Beadles (-0.5)

##4th QTR, 8:18, zone stretch to right, taken out of play (-1.0)
##4th QTR, 7:01, down blocked by Franklin while engaged with Ramirez, RB cutback through his gap (-1.0)
##4th QTR, 5:50, took on Ramirez 1v1, generated no pressure (-0.5)

Positive plays: (16, 9@ +0.5, 6@+1.0, 1@+2.0)
--1st QTR, 13:09, lined up at 3, drove RG back and got hand up to force pass pressure (+0.5)
--1st QTR, 12:20, read/react, stood up RT and drove him into A gap, clogged lane. Play where Troy run-blitzed from left side, got chopped, hopped up and made play. Ziggy would've had tackle except Troy grabbed Moreno and pulled him backward (+1.0)
--1st QTR, 11:30, lined up hat on hat vs. Ramirez (RG), stunted at Walton (C) and Beadles (RG), drove both of them straight back into Peypey's lap, kept Manning from stepping up, Foote got sack. Purely dominating on this play (+2.0)
--1st QTR, 7:21, lined up at 3T, held up at line by down block by Franklin, ragdolled Franklin and pursued play (Woodley fumble recovery) (+0.5)
--1st QTR, 2:58, ball on Donkey 2 yard line, read/react, walked Franklin into the middle, stuffed pile (+0.5)
--1st QTR, 2:17, read/react, extended Franklin, fought him off, ragdolled him, made tackle after 2 yard gain (+1.0)
--1st QTR, 1:32, lined up at 3, put Ramirez on skates and drove him 6 yards back into the end zone, Walton had to help double team (+1.0)

++2nd QTR, 8:53, beat RG with inside swim, took on double team from Walton and Ramirez, got hands up in passing lane, ball out in <2.5s (+0.5)
++2nd QTR, 5:48, quick hitter up middle, Ziggy fought off Franklin and helped trip McGahee up (+0.5)
++2nd QTR, 5:22, blew past Ramirez into backfield, forced Moreno left, Moreno scored when Timmons alligator arm'd him (+0.5)

##4th QTR, 12:42, 2-point stance, fought off Ramirez, pursued down line to where Keisel should've been, made tackle after 2-yard gain (+1.0)
##4th QTR, 10:45, swam inside, chipped by RB, pressured Manning in his face (+0.5)
##4th QTR, 7:52, lined up as only DL (1T NT), stuffed Walton + Beadles and clogged entire running lane, very Casey-like (+1.0)
##4th QTR, 6:27, absorbed and stood up double team by Walton and Ramirez, forced run play to bounce to other side (+1.0)
##4th QTR, 3:12, nickel, absorbed double team, Woodley on delayed blitz despite being 1v1 with TE (terrible time for a delayed blitz, should've rushed immediately) (+0.5)
##4th QTR, 3:07, stunted and took on double team (Beadles + Walton), again no one else did...anything (+0.5)

09-13-2012, 07:04 AM
THANK GOD. I thought he was in jail or some shit. I spend too much time on facebook.

09-13-2012, 07:56 AM
We discussed the defensive line on the Rooney Rants Podcast this week. More specifically the defensive line rotation in Denver....which was curious to say the least.

As far as ZIggy, I graded him out as our most consistent, productive DL vs Denver

El-Gonzo Jackson
09-13-2012, 02:21 PM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vffY617CzegTHANK GOD. I thought he was in jail or some shit. I spend too much time on facebook.

I thought it was part of the Free James Brown movement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vffY617Czeg