View Full Version : Just started my first Fantasy Football team

08-03-2006, 07:00 PM
and this is who I got...

Carson Palmer
Ben Roethlisberger
Donald Driver
Darrell Jackson
Javon Walker
Amani Toomer
Matt Jones
Dallas Clark
Randy McMichael
Clinton Portis
Kevin Jones
Lamont Jordan
Jason Elam
Baltimore Defense
New England Defense

Yea, I don't think I'm gonna be winning any trophies with this team, lol. Any feedback or advice you guys have would be great, since I have no idea what I'm doing really. I know the basic idea of what to do but.. yea.... If anyone is experianced with Yahoo Fantasy Football be sure to reply cause i have some questions...

Amani Toomer, Eric Moulds, Charles Rogers, or Mark Clayton?

Black@Gold Forever32
08-03-2006, 08:54 PM
Well you have two really solid RB's in Portis and Jordan. Clinton Portis is going to have a monster year this year I think. Al Saunders is on the Skins offensive coaching staff. Priest Holmes had some really special years when Saunders was the OC with the Chiefs. So Portis could have one of those type of years. LaMont Jordan had a good year last year and should have another solid season.

If Carson Palmer is back at 100 percent then he will be one of the top fantasy QB's. I think if given the chance Big Ben could be a top fantasy QB as well.

Another player coming off serious is Javon Walker. Walker had a great 2004 season but he went down in week 1 last year. But in 2004 he was one of the top fantasy WR's. Drive is a solid number 2 fantasy WR. Amani Toomer is old but he does have Eli Manning throwing him the football. So he will get plenty of chances to put stats. You have to factor in Plax and Shockey getting theirs as well. But Toomer still should be able to put up some numbers. Matt Jones could be a sleeper this year. So keep your eye on him.

McMichael is a good fantasy TE. Dallas Clark plays in the Colts offense so you know he will have the chance to put some solid stats together.

The Ravens defense has the potential to be a very good fantasy defense.

I think overall you have a solid fantasy team.