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10-11-2012, 04:09 AM
So tonight is a pretty big game. Win or bust this season in my eyes. Not ganna lie this game worries me a bit and here is why...

For one, it's another trap game. @Tennessee on Prime Time Television against a team that desperately needs a win. Though Hasslebeck doesn't scare me as much as he did going into Superbowl 40 back when, he still can throw and honestly I believe he is the better option at QB for Tennessee when it comes down to it. Locker is still wet under the ears and needs that veteran QB like Hasslebeck still to show him the way.

The second reason why this game makes me nervous is the defense of the Steelers still not being healthy. Yes, Harrison is back but can him and Timmons carry the load all night, or does Chris Johnson show why he's still Chris Johnson.

Which brings me to my third reason why I am nervous and that is will Chris Johnson wanna get off his stack of millions and show why he earned those millions tonight? Even if he does awful for the rest of the season (and yes, he is that awful... just check my fantasy team! Starting Mendy over him this week!) he might want to try and show boat some of his skills on Prime Time. Pretty sure Deion, M. Faulk, and the rest of those yuppies would eat up a comeback game if he has one later tonight.

So this game concerns me tonight as it gets closer to game time. Yes, it sounds like an easy opponent on paper but with injuries on the D and the Titans fighting for a season this worries me. Especially it being an away game. Thoughts?

It's game day... :tt:

10-11-2012, 04:24 AM
:tt04:First off, I don't think a loss here is a "bust" for the season by any stretch. I have concerns over every game whether or not we are beating teams by 30 or just squeeking out wins. This is the NFL, any given game day right?
That being said, i expect a Steelers win tonight and maybe by double digits, and heres' why.

We weren't sharp against Philly on offense, that should change. THis will be Mendy's second game back ( I can see 100 yards rushing for him) and I really don't expect to see another game of WR dropsies like we saw against the Eagles.
Defensively, If Timmons is used the way he was against Philly, I can't really see CJ getting untracked. Our DL played better at the point of attack and if we can cut the penalties in half on both O and D this should be a very big win.
I was impressed with Worilds against Philly and hopefully he builds on that performance. If we are able to bring the same pressure , it will result in more sacks and turnovers as Hasselbeck isnt nearly as mobile as Vick.
Just my opinion though, I tend to be very optimistic on game day and try not to succumb to the "if we don't win our season is over" mentality that a lot of posters have on this site.
Yes we have injuries, but champions overcome those injuries and we will see where this group is headed. I still think a 12-4 or 11-5 record is extremely possible. Remember our Offense hasn't really "jelled" yet and it will come sooner than later.

Steelers 31 Titans 14


10-11-2012, 05:02 AM
Well said, Rick. Let me rephrase what I said earlier about win or bust though. I do agree with you thoughts that champions over come losses as well as injuries, but it also worries me because in the past when the Steelers lost to opponents during a playoff run, it was usually to quality teams. Oakland is not a quality team and that was a trap game as soon as you saw it was in Oakland! Basically, what I meant to say was, if the Steelers lose tonight, it's going to put a lot more thought into play as when will Polamalu and Woodley be fully healthy and back, and can we hang with the big dogs (New England, Baltimore, Denver) this season or not. Not to sound like a dweller, I just wanna keep this topic going.... ya know, something to stew over until game time. I like your prediction and I'll throw mine in, too.

Steelers 28 Titans 10

Mendy 100+ 2 TDs.

10-11-2012, 06:20 AM
All points made were spot on. We will win. Not just win but probably lay a spanking on the Titans for multiple reasons.
On offense, were pretty much loaded with talent. The WR's won't have the dropsies like the last game. Fit in a little bit of Heath Miller and Mendenhall and we have a explosive game. We're loaded with depth at the WR position. And if the oline honestly plays like they did against the eagles, who have a damn good pass rush and dline, we will be fine.

On the defense, just let them play! Timmons was a damn monster. Just hoping it wasnt one of those once a year games where he finds himself. The dline should get excellent penetration to set Worilds and Harrison up for sucess. Put ike one on one with Britt....which may result in a few pass interference penalties lol but I want him shadowed. Let Clark blow stuff up like he always does. Call me crazy but should you think we should mix a little Robert Golden in there to see what he has?

With those thoughts out there, we will win 35-14. Thats my prediction! GO STEELERS!

Atlanta Dan
10-11-2012, 07:29 AM
According to the NYT statistical model the Titans are the probable winner tonight

The numbers for my game prediction model aren’t always going to be perfect, so what I like to do is find out where the model differs most from the general consensus and then dig deeper to find out why...

The Steelers have not played like the successful versions of the recent past. Largely because of key injuries, their defense has been mediocre and has not been able to generate turnovers. Pittsburgh has been unsuccessful running the ball and stopping the run. Their success so far this season has come from a solid passing attack and a low turnover rate on offense.

In total, their fundamental statistics make them look like a fairly average team. What has been holding the Steelers back is their penalty rate. They have a league-worst rate of 0.7 penalty yards per play, while the league average is 0.4 yards per play.

Team penalties are surprisingly consistent and correlate well with game outcomes in the N.F.L. After offensive passing efficiency, penalty rate is the second-most consistent efficiency stat. Pittsburgh’s exceptionally high rate is what drops them so low in the model’s team rankings


The Steelers are no sure thing on the road against anyone

The Titans are horrible, but they are at home and have played a brutal schedule so far (New England, San Diego, Detroit, Houston and Vikings) - if the Steelers were capable of losing to Okalnd they certainly can screw up this game

A loss tonight would be worse than losing to the Eagles since it is a conference game - so it is just as much a must win as this past Sunday's game

Offfense needs to step it up and not settle for field goals

Fire Haley
10-11-2012, 07:48 AM
if the Steelers were capable of losing to Oakland they certainly can screw up this game


If they waltz in there playing sloppy and ugly again they could easily blow another one on the road

10-11-2012, 08:18 AM
the good news is that Tennesse has been playing sloppy ball.
they were penalized 10 times last week.

I dont care if we win by a single point...a W, 10 days to heal up and prep for a BIG Sunday niter in Cincy...then were right back to where we wanna be

10-11-2012, 08:55 AM
PITT is second in TOP.
TENN is last in TOP.

So, this is what I see:

PITT 5 min drive :: FG
TENN 2 min drive :: punt
PITT 5 min drive :: FG
TENN 2 min drive :: punt
PITT 7 min drive :: TD
TENN 1 min drive :: long CJ2K TD
PITT 5 min drive :: FG
TENN 2 min drive :: punt

Half-time score: 16-7

Repeat something similar in the second half, with a final score of 31-17.

Fire Haley
10-11-2012, 09:01 AM
Carson Palmer was a loser till he played us, just sayin'

at least Tenn. scored 40 pts already this year - something we could be doing if our WR's stop dropping passes

Atlanta Dan
10-11-2012, 09:06 AM
Carson Palmer was a loser till he played us, just sayin'

at least Tenn. scored 40 pts already this year - something we could be doing if our WR's stop dropping passes


Brown needs to hold on to the ball when it is thrown to him and after the catch - Wallace needs to show up

IMO we are going to see some deep balls to Wallace early tonight to feed his ego

Fire Haley
10-11-2012, 09:33 AM
IMO we are going to see some deep balls to Wallace early tonight to feed his ego

He damn well better start getting some 100yd games, but Ben has his new favorite WR, and it ain't him.

Naturally, I'm more concerned with the defense - 3 games with blown 4th qtr leads now, I believe.

10-11-2012, 11:51 AM
I suspect we'll see some early quick throws to wallace to get his confidence/swagger back... he looked really frustrated in the Eagles game (albeit due to some holding penalties that weren't called).. but once he gets his head back in it and starts being productive, we'll have a 4 headed monster in Brown/Wallace/Sanders/Miller that cannot be stopped... mix in Mendy running behind Pouncey and Colon who has looked great as a run blocker and we've got a recipe for a lot of points on the road. I suspect Hasselbeck will play decent to keep it somewhat close, but its Steelers all the way 31-20

10-11-2012, 11:55 AM
We SHOULD win this game....easily. We have the better coaches, the better talent, pretty much the better 'everything'.
But everytime we play a team that stinks, the same thing happens. Every time. Either we keep them in the game up until the last minute and we get some such thing as a FG to win - or we LOSE.
Don't expect this to be a done deal.

Fire Arians
10-11-2012, 12:16 PM
unleash mendinghall

10-11-2012, 01:38 PM
Good discussion as game time nears. Well said TRH. I believe the Steelers are capable of blowing teams that are weak out but it seems to never happen and we let teams linger aroun too long. This is something that needs to be stopped from the get go and the offense needs to put up some high numbers in order to suck the life out of the away crowd. I am still worried with Troy and Woodley being out... The defense really is what concerns me here. Anyone else more concerned about the D than I am??? :noidea:

10-11-2012, 02:27 PM
Deep balls to Wallace SHOULD be thrown regardless of ego. He can, as the idiots on NFL network say, take the top of the defense. When defenses are 8 in the box against a designed run and predictable play call - that leads to last in the NFL in rushing yards. We haven't really used Wallace this year and I don't mean thrown the ball his way. I mean what I said above, Ben hasn't really gone deep to him. And the long TD against the Jets was a broken play not a designed throw. If we only have Wallace for this year, they should be burning his ass up and having him run go routes till the cows come home. Free's up AB and Sanders to get the underneath stuff. Just my opinion.

10-11-2012, 05:11 PM
As the Pittsburgh Steelers set to take the field tonight in Tennessee to face the Titans, they will be doing so without two key pieces: safety Troy Polamalu and outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

Polamalu has already missed two games this season due to a calf injury. He re-aggravated the injury on Sunday in his first game back. Woodley exited the game on the same play not to return on the second Michael Vick fumble.

Through three games, Woodley had two sacks, three quarterback hits, and six hurries, according to Pro Football Focus.

The former Pro Bowl player looked to be having a Defensive Player of the Year-caliber season at the halfway point last year before it was derailed by a severe hamstring injury that limited him the remainder of the season.

In the four games prior to the injury, Woodley had collected 7.5 sacks to total 9 on the season with a full half of the season remaining, but he was unable to register another.

Fortunately, this new hamstring injury is not believed to be very serious, and is on the opposite leg. It is possible that the short week was the deciding factor in him not playing tonight.

Taking Woodley’s place will be third year player Jason Worilds, who started 7 games last season substituting for both Woodley and Harrison at various times. He finished the season with 38 tackles and 3 sacks, as well as a forced fumble.

Although it was not revealed until after the season, Worilds played all of last year with a wrist injury. Despite playing through it, he had the wrist operated on during the offseason. The injury wiped out nearly the entirety of his offseason, and may have contributed to his slow start to this season.

Through limited activity in 4 games this season, Worilds has 10 tackles (all solo) in addition to 2 sacks and a pass defensed. He had one of the best games of his career filling in for Woodley on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles where he registered 3 tackles (including 2 for a loss), 1 pass defensed, 1 sack, and one quarterback hit.

Said defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau of Worilds’ performance last week:

I thought he played well. Jason played pretty well last year. He grew tremendously. He missed so much football with that injury and that’s nobody’s fault. It’s just the way it is. I thought that he looked closer to what he was last year last week. Again, some of those young guys we’re looking to grow and to continue to contribute. I thought Jason played a good football game last week.

Steelers look for big game out of Jason Worilds with LaMarr Woodley out (http://www.examiner.com/article/steelers-look-for-big-game-out-of-jason-worilds-with-lamarr-woodley-out?cid=db_articles)

Fire Haley
10-11-2012, 05:14 PM
unleash mendinghall

this could actually work, but will Ben be patient enough to resist bombing it?

Whatever....we need something to wake this ****ing team up!

speaking of stats....

Steelers defense last in the NFL in giving up points per game.

You can't trust these ****ers!

We need 40 pts!!!!!

Bomb away ben!!!

Who's with me?

10-11-2012, 05:26 PM
Actually the Titans give up more points per game than anybody. The Steelers are 16th.

10-11-2012, 05:44 PM
I'm uneasy right now when I shouldn't be. Not sold the Steelers can beat anybody convincingly, let alone a bad team on the road by more than 10 points. Tonight would be a good time to show us fans something along the lines of handling a much inferior opponent in their stadium if they want to go anywhere this season. We could use the AFC Conference victories.

With Mendy back in the starting lineup, I can see the return of the deep-ball tonight off play-action. It's going to be there. Running lanes will be there. The Titans secondary is putrid but we must stay close to the vest on our side of the ball (penalties, hiccups, etc.)

We left a lot of points on the field last Sunday and if we do it again, anybody can beat anybody. I'd like to see the defense pitch a low-scoring affair but the Steelers are NOTORIOUS for being the team to be victim of a struggling breakout player (Chris Johnson.)

This game is dangerous. We got to answer the bell, on the road.