View Full Version : The Emporer has no clothes.- Illusions of Great Defense.

10-14-2012, 06:56 AM
While 2012 has been ugh-worthy so far, it was necessary to expose our problematic coaching.

This season exposed that the great Dick Lebeau Defenses we had were never that great. If they were really that good, they wouldn't fall apart as soon as ONE player goes down. One player so good it really covered the warts of the scheme, and to date this our "genius" coach still has no answer for when he isn't out there.

So it makes you wonder, years before did the Steelers even had THAT good a Defense to begin with? Was Dick Lebeau really a "genius"? I think this year's disasters, the 2011 disasters, and repeats of 2009 is proof that he isn't. I'm sure some of you will say Troy being out is a factor, and it certainly is, but the fact of the matter is that is that he shouldn't matter THAT much. Troy Polamalu is a special player, but he's one guy out of eleven on Defense.

I understand the absense of several players would cripple a Defense, but when one, and I mean ONE player goes down and it declines a Defense from "great" to being merely average, I'm willing to bet it wasn't that good a Defense to begin with. Troy was so great that he singlehandedly covered up for a fundamentally flawed Defense and an ultimately overrated Defensive Coordinator for years on end.

Don't even sit there and tell me the Steelers neglected the Defense in the Draft. They've brought in plenty of talent and we get...this. Also don't tell me that the players aren't "executing", and it's all their fault. Lack of execution is the de-facto excuse for something that is struggling, but the million dollar question is WHY are the players not executing? The answer is our coaching. Holding onto tired veterans, a rapidly obsolete scheme, and misuse of Young Talent has led to this current disaster.

10-14-2012, 07:38 AM
It's probably a combination of a lot of things. Injuries, coaching, age, and players just not as good as others. I'll tell you this, I watched Ziggy Hood get pushed off the line on running plays, get no pressure on passing plays, and not be able to keep his responsibilities from getting to the 2nd level on a consistent basis. If Hood can't handle his man, then Silver Back can't do what he does best.
Larry Foote has been OK, but he's no replacement for Farrior in his prime. Our young CB's are not there yet, and Ike looks to be on the downslide. And yes, Troy now is always hurt. Even when he's playing, he's not as effective as his younger injury free self. Add it all up and this is what you get. Lebeau's schemes are not working either. Not willing to single him out though.

I'm not happy with this D, I'm sure not many Steelers fans are as we've been spoiled by #1 defenses consistently. This is actually not the worst defense in the league, probably far from it. It won't be dominant, but it can be fixed into being a decent defense. One that can win in conjunction with our new high powered passing offense. Ben has been lights out so far this year, just need to start putting the ball in the endzone.

This team could be 5-0 with a couple of plays that went the other way and we'd all be looking over all of the warts that this team has. This team is good enough or bad enough to win or lose every week this year. They'll be in almost every game and I've got faith that they'll get it done more than they don't if they don't throw in the towel. They won't be 13-3, but an average or possibly playoff season is still possible.