View Full Version : stupid Jets...

10-21-2012, 07:50 PM
i watched that game and they had the game right in their hands....and blew it.
Jets went up by 3 with a minute and some left on the clock, so the Pats get the ball back.
Let me ask you....now what do you think Brady and the offense were going to do in that short amount of time. Bingo! You and everybody in the western hemisphere knows that answer to that question (except the Jets and their bone-headed coaching crew, of course..).
Why - they were going to throw quick to medium passes out of the shotgun, right? And thats exactly what they did.

So...what do the Jets do?
They throw zero pressure on Brady, allowing him all day and a bag of chips to stand back there and complete anything he wanted to.
Everyone knows Brady is at his worst when he's pressured, so the Jets put next to nothing on the line and let him play his own game. What a frustrating game to watch.

Now of course - the Patriots were aided by a completely BOGUS pass interference call on the Jets on that last drive which never existed.
And people wonder why so many say that the Patriots have the ref crew's in their back pockets......................