View Full Version : Dave Chappelle Tickets below cost and with a $25 off future purchase certificate

08-07-2006, 02:48 AM
I bought too many tickets to the Dave Chapelle show on August 13. Since it did not sell out, I have drastically reduced my prices, and I'm selling many tickets way below my cost. Also, if you call the number listed on my website we can arrange for free shipping. Finally, if you mention this posting when you order, I will include a gift certificate worth $25 off any future ticket purchase from my website. (Yes, I am pretty desperate to
sell these tickets.)

If you check Ticketmaster, the best seats available right now are in Section 9, Row Q, and these seats would cost about $60 each, with all fees. I have much better seats available for $10 less per pair. The tickets in the front three floor sections cost more than the tickets in the far back floor sections. My cost on these tickets was $71.30 each.

I have a pair in Section 3, Row N, for $55 per ticket. I also have seats in Section 1, Row F, for $70 per ticket. If you're going to spend almost $120 or more per pair to see this show, you may as well get the best seats available for the money. The seats in Row F are six rows from the stage. The seats available on Ticketmaster right now are about 50 rows from the stage. And if you purchase from me, you'll also get $25 off a future
ticket purchase.

You can take a look at these tickets on my website. The tickets at the top, with the little yellow stars next to them are mine, although I do have access to the other tickets as well. (The free shipping offer and $25 off offer only apply to the tickets with the yellow stars, but there are plenty of them for you to choose from.)