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08-07-2006, 02:23 PM
sorry i dont know how to spell it. has anyone ever spoke of how tj could be a great starter if he had the chance? yeah right, while ur at it u might as well start troy edwards. i dont think a possession type reciever can ever become a starer. ill agree that i think tj has really good second string hands but he does nothing to make him a top of the line reciever. if u only look at the catches then he would make a good starter but since he has 75 or something and only 850 yards or close to it he only has like a 12 yards per catch. and the bungals pretty much only make big throws. look at the other starter or greats, hines-14ypc,chad-13-14ypc,steve smith-15ypc. of course it is only two yards or so but it is the yards after the catch where tj lacks on. sorry i just had to blow some steam.:sign09:

Livinginthe past
08-07-2006, 02:31 PM
Isn't it fair to say that Houshmandzadeh has a 12.5 YPC precisely because he plays the role of a possesion receiver.

Im guessing he is the guy who catches alot of passes in traffic, the tough 3rd down goes over the middle for the crucial 1st down.

FYI Hines Ward may have managed a 14 YPC last year, but he only averages 12.2 YPC over his career - which is worse than Housh - and Hines is a No.1 receiver.


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08-07-2006, 04:54 PM
This thread was sort of random but...

I agree he's never going to put up Steve Smith, Chad Johnson numbers, especially if he's the number one option, but that's mainly because he's a possession receiver. He had 978 receiving yards in 2004 and 956 in 2005. I think he'll put up 1,000+ this season...that's not bad for a #2 receiver.

The one key stat for me is he dropped the lowest percentage of passes in the league last season. He can make tough catches, even some that Chad can't make.

Could he be a #1 receiver? Eh, I'd say he could...he wouldn't put up Chad numbers but then again he's not a burner. With the logic you're using, I bet you didn't think Hines Ward would ever be a #1 either, huh?

And as far as YAC being TJ's weakness...he averaged 4.1 last season. Hines averaged 4.7 and Chad averaged only 3.5.

08-08-2006, 01:46 AM
i understand he is a possession reciever but possession recievers can usually make big plays. some might dissagree but even keyshawn johnson is a possesion reciever and he is good because he is strong and can break tackles downfield and make big plays. tj lacks on that. he has the 4 yards after the catch in my eyes cause he crosses over the middle and gets a little extra yards or catches a long bomb and beats the corner for extra yards. im not basing my answers on being biased either, since im a steelers fan. plus by my thinking i always thought hines could be our starter, he is a strong reciever with low speed, enough to beat guys like keiwan ratlif, just used him cause he is a slower corner, i think he will be good but that is beside the point. the only reason hines went so late in the draft is because he had a severe hamstring injury coming out of college.not cause how he performed.tj has no excuses for being the 7th pick in the 7th round or something like that.im not dissing tj i think he has great hands to catch in traffic but i was watching an interview with keyshawn and he said anyone can catch a ball but it is the guy who makes stuff happen.yeah keyshawn johnson said this on espn. that is just what i think and i know plenty of people would agree and disagree.