View Full Version : Whats good on the menu for election night coverage?

tony hipchest
11-05-2012, 11:08 PM
Friday, my lone permament resident alien employee took orders for dozens of authentic homemade tamales her and her mom stayed up all sunday night preparing. It was gonna be a tuesday night mexican fiesta meal with frijoles and spanish rice, but unfortunately they were delivered fresh and piping hot this AM. needless to say they were breakfast and dinner today. :yummy:

im thinking i'll just throw a pound of wings on the grill, slather them in a bottle of franks hot sauce, and pound some brew.

maybe drink that 6-pack of Negro Modelo i was gonna have with the tamales. :hunch:

finally, for desert, there is still my daughters giant bag of free handout halloween candy that i need to further "inspect" for the razor blades and needles the republicans like to put into the goodies. :thumbsup::applaudit::wink02::chuckle: