View Full Version : Gary Johnson runs most successful Libertarian campaign in party’s history

tony hipchest
11-08-2012, 12:00 AM
he was clearly disappointed to not get the 5% desired, but it is a step in the right direction for the party...


He may have received only about 1 percent of the national vote, but Gary Johnson is already the most successful White House candidate in the Libertarian Party's nearly 41-year history.

"Ours is a mission accomplished," Johnson told FoxNews.com. "We put a true small-government, individual-freedom option on the ballot in virtually every state and have assembled an organization that will carry that message forward."

With final vote tallies still being calculated, Johnson's current total of 1,139,562 puts him significantly ahead of any of his party's nine other presidential candidates.

Interestingly, the only other Libertarian Party candidate to receive more than 1 million votes was Georgia Public Service Commission candidate John Monds, who received 1,076,726 votes, or 33.4 percent of the vote, during his 2008 campaign.

The most successful third-party candidate runs have historically been done by independents, most famously by Ross Perot in 1992 (19,743,821 votes, 18.91 percent) and John Anderson in 1980 (5,719,850 votes, 6.61 percent).

1980 was also a good year for Libertarian candidate Ed Clark, whose 921,128 votes and 1.06 percent share of the total vote was the most successful performance by a presidential candidate in his party until Tuesday night.

Still, the Libertarians' first-ever presidential candidate, John G. Hospers, is their most successful candidate by a different measurement. Though he received only 3,674 total votes, he's still the only Libertarian Party presidential candidate to win an Electoral College vote.

Most candidates from the Libertarian Party, which was founded in December 1971, have typically garnered about 500,000 votes in their respective runs.

Johnson said he's buoyed by the results and plans to maintain his role as an advocate for limited government policies. However, when asked, he was unwilling to say whether his historic performance was enough to guarantee another run in 2016.

"It's too soon to be talking about 2016," he said.

this po-dunk NM governor has proven he can remain relevant in the 12 years since being removed from office (due to term limits). i certainly hope he keeps after it.

11-08-2012, 12:05 AM
Tony, I have a question...Would you vote for Gary Johnson if he ran as a republican?
Edit: And i'm not trying to put you "on the spot". It's an honest question.

tony hipchest
11-08-2012, 12:36 AM
Tony, I have a question...Would you vote for Gary Johnson if he ran as a republican?
Edit: And i'm not trying to put you "on the spot". It's an honest question.

oh, no sweat Bayz, i know.

i have already proudly voted for the republican gary johnson for 2 terms as my governor in new mexico. i always voted for the venerable senator pete domenici (R) as well (until he got old and retired a few years back). both great politicians, but more importantly great men.

dont believe everything you read on the internetz, just because i have been falsely labeled as some uber-liberal socialist.

i was given the black hat for openly voting for obama in 2008 and freely combating anyone who challenged my right to do so. being from billy the kid country, i gladly donned it.

i have always voted for the person, not the party and will contiue to do so.

sadly i made the hugest mistake of my voting life by voting for bush in 2004 (simply because i "gave" my vote to my mom and i really didnt believe in removing a president in a time of war.)

i strongly considered mccain until he quickly proved how incapable he was for the job by allowing sarah palin to be on his ticket. it may not have been his call, but it ruined him.

bottom line is i woulda voted for gary johnson, if he were black, white, christian, mormon, aithiest, republican, or democrat.

i dont care about all of that shit. its inconsequential to me.:drink:

11-08-2012, 01:04 AM
Tony, I have a question...Would you vote for Gary Johnson if he ran as a republican?
Edit: And i'm not trying to put you "on the spot". It's an honest question.

He can't run as a Republican. He's against too much of their platform.

11-10-2012, 12:59 AM
Gary Johnson is the best candidate I've seen in a long time. The 2 party system is a joke.

Fire Arians
11-10-2012, 09:03 PM
i voted for him. i knew hawaii's electoral votes would go obama anyway, but i was hoping to help gary get 5% (although that was a tall order)

i also believe the 2 party system is a joke, i'm all for more choices if they are better. i was also in a situation where I don't like either romney or obama, and picking obama might just be lesser of 2 evils. been a long time since i voted for a candidate that i actually agreed mostly with.