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08-09-2006, 12:39 AM
8/8 Steelers Practice Report
Luke Nicholson

It was a beautiful afternoon in Latrobe, as the Steelers continued their second week of training camp. Another massive crowd made its way to the bowl shaped practice field and the defense opted to make good use of them later in practice. My pictures from this afternoon, although limited, can be viewed HERE (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/lukin83/album?.dir=19b4re2&.src=ph&store=&prodid=&.done=http%3a//pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/lukin83/my_photos).


Ben Roethlisberger once again practiced in his fluorescent cap, which he first donned yesterday. Roethlisberger elected to wear the cap as a gag after Chris Hoke inadvertently hit Charlie Batch in practice. After a successful outing yesterday, Roethlisberger decided to continue wearing his new moniker. His luck would not continue, however, as Roethlisberger overthrew multiple receivers, skipped a couple passes in low,and was intercepted deep by Troy Polamalu. Ben?s best pass of the day was a strike to Heath Miller down the seam, but was quickly followed by a near interception by Larry Foote. Batch had another good practice, but drew little attention. Omar Jacobs and Shane Boyd each received a shot at the one-minute drill. Boyd started out with a couple short passes before hitting Nate Washington across the middle for about 10 yards, just over the outstretched hands of Mike Logan. On the next play Logan read Boyd?s eyes once again and this time arrived in time to pick off the pass. Jacobs moved his drive along into enemy territory before the defensive players began to simulate crowd noise, encouraging the spectators to join in. Jacobs ensuing fourth down pass fell incomplete. Jacobs also tossed an interception in an earlier drill. In addition, Jacobs and Boyd worked with Jeff Hartings and Kyle Andrews on the center-quarterback exchange. Boyd caught my eye with his confidence in Santanio Holmes, tossing a pass into double coverage for the receiver to go after.


Willie Parker worked on his hands during special teams drills. John Kuhn saw a good deal of halfback repetitions today and Cedric Humes made sure to keep his runs up the gut. After one repetition in walkthroughs, Verron Haynes could be heard telling Charlie Batch to toss him the ball the next time through. Instead, Haynes took a handoff.

Wide Receivers

Nate Washington and Santonio Holmes stood out today. Washington once again started opposite Cedrick Wilson, as Hines Ward remained in street clothes. Washington seemed to be Roethlisberger?s go to receiver, as he plucked pass after pass out of the air. Holmes seemed to get most of the second team catches, making several on the far field that had the crowd applauding. Willie Reid and Quincy Morgan also made some pretty receptions. Morgan came out as the fourth wide receiver today.

Tight Ends

Heath Miller looked like a stud pass catching tight end today. Jerame Tuman had another solid practice, as well. Jonathan Dekker, who has been quietly impressing, had an off day; he dropped entirely too many balls.

Offensive Line

Alan Faneca and Marvel Smith both worked on coming out of their stance prior to practice. Chris Kemoeatu rejoined the offensive line today, but did not participate in any drills that involved use of his hands. Trai Essex sat out practice. Barrett Brooks had a terrible practice, inconsistently staying low and showing only mediocre footwork. Max Starks looked particularly sharp and Russ Grimm let him know it. The linebackers and defensive linemen participated in a drill where they squared off with the offensive linemen, attempting to get to the quarterback. Grayling Love halted both Rodney Bailey and Orien Harris, while Barrett Brooks was beaten twice by Clark Haggans. Brandon Torrey succeeded in impressively stopping both Shaun Nua and Lee Vickers, but Kendall Simmons failed to control Rodney Bailey. Tim Brown really struggled and seemed to be giving up early. It is also worth noting that Ulish Booker halted Aaron Smith. Chukky Okobi did no practice and Cowher said his neck injury could potentially keep him out for the season or longer.

Defensive Line

Scott Paxson blew through Tim Brown twice in the pass rush drill. Lee Vickers and Shaun Nua were the biggest disappointments. Vickers failed to penetrate Brandon Torrey on two separate occasions, while Nua could not bypass Torrey or Barrett Brooks.


Larry Foote knocked down a pass in 11-on-11 drills, but the linebackers, as a whole, were relatively quiet today. Clark Haggans beat Barrett Brooks twice in the pass rushing drill, while James Harrison was thwarted by Willie Colon. Arnold Harrison was called for encroachment during the one-minute drill at the end of practice.

Defensive Backs

Ryan Clark started opposite Troy Polamalu at safety. Tyrone Carter participated at both safety positions. He intercepted Omar Jacobs from the strong safety spot. Both Polamalu and Anthony Smith smacked into receivers as they caught passes, dropping both to the ground. Polamalu also picked off Roethlisberger deep in 11-on-11 drills. Ike Taylor dropped an easy Shane Boyd interception early in practice, but atoned for it with a stellar, leaping knockdown on a deep pass later in practice. Ricardo Colclough also had an impressive play where he met Willie Reid just as he caught the ball. Colclough held up, but the pass would have likely fell incomplete with his impeccable timing.

Special Teams

Ricardo Colclough, Santonio Holmes, and Willie Reid fielded punts. Both Jeff Reed and Mark Brubaker connected on 50 yard field goals, kicking them into the sea of fans decorating the hillside.

Luke?s Updated Projected 53-Man Roster

QB1 Ben Roethlisberger
QB2 Charlie Batch
QB3 Omar Jacobs
RB1 Willie Parker
RB2 Duce Staley
RB3 Verron Haynes
FB1 Dan Kreider
WR1 Hines Ward
WR2 Cedrick Wilson
WR3 Santonio Holmes
WR4 Nate Washington
WR5 Willie Reid
WR6 Sean Morey
TE1 Heath Miller
TE2 Jerame Tuman
TE3 Charles Davis
OT1 Marvel Smith
OT2 Max Starks
OT3Trai Essex
OT4 Willie Colon
OG1 Alan Faneca
OG2 Kendall Simmons
OG3 Chris Kemoeatu
OG4 Grayling Love
C1 Jeff Hartings
C2 Marvin Philip
DE1 Aaron Smith
DE2 Brett Keisel
DE3 Travis Kirschke
DE4 Rodney Bailey
DT1 Casey Hampton
DT2 Chris Hoke
OLB1 Joey Porter
OLB2 Clark Haggans
OLB3 James Harrison
OLB4 Andre Frazier
ILB1 James Farrior
ILB2 Larry Foote
ILB3 Clint Kriewaldt
ILB4 Rian Wallace
CB1 Ike Taylor
CB2 Bryant McFadden
CB3 DeShea Townsend
CB4 Ricardo Colclough
CB5 Chidi Iwuoma
FS1 Tyrone Carter
FS2 Ryan Clark
FS3 Anthony Smith
SS1 Troy Polamalu
SS2 Mike Logan
K1 Jeff Reed
P1 Chris Gardocki
LS1 Greg Warren

08-09-2006, 01:08 AM
sorry if i missed something but where is our top of the line 7th round pick? i wanted to see him in about 2-3 years to become a phenominal goal line and third down back. i think he has potential if he works hard.

08-09-2006, 10:07 AM
umm he didnt have Humes on there which i disagree with .. Humes will make it , scratch off Morey.. he will be cut and insert Morgan. Scratch jacobs off the roster he will be on practice squad and Boyd will be our # 3, but will be inactive

08-09-2006, 10:36 AM
umm he didnt have Humes on there which i disagree with .. Humes will make it , scratch off Morey.. he will be cut and insert Morgan. Scratch jacobs off the roster he will be on practice squad and Boyd will be our # 3, but will be inactive

Humes has had a weak camp. I see him as being a practice squad guy. Morgan could very well make it over Morey or neither could make it. Jacobs could be a practice squad canidate, but no way is Boyd the #3 on opening day.

tony hipchest
08-09-2006, 10:43 AM
hows orien harris looked? and who is grayling love? havent heard anything about him. we have about 5 players that if cut will not last on our practice squad for very long. we have a little too much talent and not enough spots. i think morey sticks though.

08-09-2006, 10:43 AM
I do not like the depth of our DE... Smith and Keisel are just fine im happy with that but what if one of them are injured????

08-09-2006, 12:26 PM
I do not like the depth of our DE... Smith and Keisel are just fine im happy with that but what if one of them are injured????

I think our depth at DE is one of the problems, only because we're so deep! Shaun Nua has been right behind Nate Washington when it comes to having a stellar camp. Also, if you read in the last too reports, It talks about how Rodney Bailey has been doing pretty well. as always Kirschke is a solid backup in case someone gets injured, and we also drafted Orien Harris, who had the potential to be a early second round draft pick. And it's not like we've been hearing bad things about him.

08-09-2006, 12:58 PM
I just read a story about Anthony Smith really turning heads at camp. Maybe the Steelers did find a replacement for Hope, we'll just have to wait until next year though because I doubt he will be starting. Here is the excerpt and link to the story:


Rookie safety Anthony Smith, the team's second draft pick, is not involved in the competition with Ryan Clark and Tyrone Carter for the starting free-safety spot. At least, not now.

But Smith, a three-year starter at Syracuse, has shown enough to the players and coaches that it's only a matter of time until he lines up alongside Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu in the secondary.

That time might not come until next season, but Smith has been a training-camp standout.

"Wait till next year," cornerback Ike Taylor said. "You can already see when he's out there in the sub packages. Once he understands the defense more, he's going to be something."

Said defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau: "He's ahead of the curve right now. I think the coaching sessions helped all those guys in terms of running our defense and making the calls."

08-09-2006, 03:01 PM
sorry if i missed something but where is our top of the line 7th round pick? i wanted to see him in about 2-3 years to become a phenominal goal line and third down back. i think he has potential if he works hard.

Doubt it. But it would be a pleasant surprise if he did.

08-09-2006, 03:47 PM
Outstanding work Luke.

Morey had 18 Special teams tackles - I can't see Quincy doing that as the 6th receiver. In fact I don't think Squincy plays S-Teams. Squincy might be a good trade bait... he was drafted 33rd in 2001. Maybe we get 5th rounder from Philly or Atlanta.

I think Humes makes the squad as a 5th back. With Duce injury issues they may try to hide him on Practise Squad.

I am thinking Nua and Harris for backups on the D-Line. Vickers is a great candiate for the PS as an Undrafted free Agent. Nua will not last on PS - someone will take him like they tried last year. Harris is just another one of the damn Miami guys that is just so hard to cut.

I list Warren as the 3rd string "Center" that must perform as a Long snapper and he had 4 tackles on ST last year. We may only keep only 9 O-Lineman, 10 if you count Warren like last year. Love may be a nice PS candidate but I am not sold - YET.

I strongly agree with all other choices.