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08-09-2006, 02:07 PM
So far today I've watched ESPN do their hour long series on different teams from the 2005 season. I saw the end of the jets and have watched the bills, dolphins, and patriots. I can understand the point of doin this to highlight the ups from teams from last season and show where that team has made moves for the next season in the off-season and draft. I could stand the other three shows and it was great to see at the end of each when they showed the "Ultimate Team Performances of 2005" which is of course the Steelers gettin to and winnin Super Bowl XL but what bugs me the most is when they showed the patriots film it was almost sick to hear and watch how much they drooled all over how "great" the patriots were and how great they still are gonna be. In my mind just another example of how much the media still loves the patriots. My predictions for the comin season are that quarterbacks like Carson Palmer, the Manning sisters, and Tom Brady are still goin to be all the rage of the media about "how great" they are. Excuse me and thank you for listenin to my rant. The NY giants film is on now so I get to hear about one Manning sister now. Turn on ESPN if you get the chance and enjoy! Peace.


Livinginthe past
08-10-2006, 01:23 AM
The way I look at the Patriots treatment by the media is that the 'props' they are finally being given have been the result of a 'slingshot effect'

Bear with me here.

Even after the Patriots won that 1st SB in 2001 - they could get no love from the media - sure I could have been a millionaire if i'd had shares in the Patriots being called the 'plucky underdogs' - but I didn't - so im not.

Only after they totally dominated the 2003 and 2004 seasons with back to back 17-2 records and titles did they finally start getting the respect they deserved.

I certainly think that the Patriots rode on Tom Brady's coat tails last year - just long enough for their D to get respectable by the postseason - unfortunately whilst the D played a great game against Denver the Offense and ST suffered calamity after calamity.

Despite all this they were on the doorstep of taking the lead only for the 14 point turnaround resulting from TB's wayward forced pass and resulting INT.

The sling shot effect means that the Patriots will still be getting props for a couple of years after they stop being a force (and that hasn't even happened yet) - this all means that the Steelers will get theirs - unfortunately you may have to wait until 2008/9.