View Full Version : Chris Rainey

11-19-2012, 09:50 AM
Anyone notice Rainey ducking to avoid getting hit when the ball was thrown to him? Rather then make the effort to catch the ball he tried to avoid the hit ... maybe one of the more pathetic pieces of effort I've seen from a steeler in a long time. Even Byron got on him about it after the play.

I don't think I saw Rainey on the field after that, so I'm hoping he was benched. I hope he's not allowed on the field anytime soon. Yea he's a rookie but he's clearly not ready to play. I guess injuries are forcing him into action...but the guy is not showing his speed at all. He's afraid to get hit. He's just not ready to play - period. He's going to cost us a game if we keep playing him.

I'm disappointing because I really thought this guys speed would be an exciting thing to watch this year. He really looked good in the preseason.