View Full Version : Rookie QBs/ Young QBs.

12-03-2012, 09:01 PM
As the careers of the Eli, Peyton, Big ben, brees and Brady slowly eek through their prime and they fade away who will be the big names in the future?
I am in no way implying any of those QBs are washed up, but they are all in their 30s and in 5 years a lot of them will be looking at retirement.

I'm watching the skins and giants game right now and rg3 is something special. russell wilson also looks like he could be a great QB. Colin Capernick for san fran no matter who he ends up player for looks like another aaron rogers, Obviously andrew Luck is going to be something special, he seems like a Big ben, Peyton manning hybrid and I think Cam newton is going to only get better, so in five years is this going to be the elite list? in this order?
This is how I see it

Andrew Luck
Colin Capernick
Robert Griffen III
Cam Newton
Russell Wilson

That may be our next batch of elite! Jake Locker with some more time could be very good as well.