View Full Version : another Pats-Texans comment...

12-10-2012, 09:48 PM
Ok - i'm seeing a brand new tactic being used by NE. And it deals with "pass interference".
Who is "pass interference" called on 95% of the time? Thats right - the defense. When there's contact, almost always, certainly near 100% of the time, its the offensive receiver jumping up and down, gyrating, yelling for a flag.

On numerous occasions tonight, one time on 2 plays in a row - the NE defenders are waving their arms (making the "push" motion with their two hands...) at the refs, pleading for offensive interference.
Sure enough, they finally got the call on a big down-the-field pass (even though ESPN's 'expert' official said it should have been defensive pass interference)>

I've seen this randomly, but never like its being used tonight. Apparently, thats the game plan. Keep doing it and you're bound to influence the officials at some point.
One thing you have to give NE credit for - its trickery and deception to eventually make things go their way - whether its right or wrong. Damn, they're good at it.