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12-23-2012, 11:31 AM
Getting the Wild Card
As most of us know, if the seemingly disappointing 7-7 Steelers win out their last two games against the Bengals (today) and the Browns (at home, next week) they would snatch up a wildcard slot.

Division Leader
Even more impressive is the fact that if they should they get those two victories PLUS a pair of Baltimore losses (which is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, given their current level of play) - the Steelers would displace the Ravens at the top of AFC North. Of course, the Steelers and Baltimore appear to be equally unimpressive (the only difference between us and them is that their record is only tenuously better than ours)

The State of the NFL in 2012
I dunno...the fact that this situation even exists just goes to show you how f*up the NFL's been all year - starting with the scab refs, the new kickoff and OT rules, the sheer number of penalties, as well as an historical number of games decided by 3 points or less (often with the apparent help of conveniently missed and/or thrown penalties) - the whole thing just leaves me scratching my head. :tap:

And not just for Steelers, but for certain other teams as well who have likewise either outperformed -or- underperformed.

Don't get me wrong, of course I'm rooting for the Steelers to win out and get in and - who knows - maybe even win it all (unlikely, but not impossible)...it's just from game one, I had a strange feeling about this season that intuition seems to have been validated.

Anyone want to predict the score for today's game?

12-23-2012, 11:39 AM
Bengals 20-Steelers 21

12-23-2012, 11:58 AM
I don't like predictions but I would like to see us win big and get hot for a playoff run. It wouldn't surprise me because our team is that good, where I think we can beat anyone, so long as we aren't beating ourselves. It may not happen to end the season but regardless, if this team gets on track they are going to be a major force.

12-23-2012, 01:16 PM
Great game so far! ...