View Full Version : We Have Been Here Before.....

12-23-2012, 03:55 PM
Coach Tomlin needs to stop using big words in his post game interviews that he can in no way help produce on the field of play. He has an internal problem that only a coach can fix. Rooney's need to break it to Coach T that they are from Missouri and that they are not seeing the efforts needed to right this ship. Ben is Ben he has been hammered for years now, yes years behind this line. Outside life may be the reason, low morale, lack of offensive coaching. The third down issue is the white elephant in the room that needs to be corrected even if someone needs to leave. The high school antics of I am going to make you ride the bench if you are not producing does not work in NFL. You have grab these guys by the face mask and get in their faces. Hmmm, sounds like a coach we all know and love huh? But that just my take of 2.5 cents on the matter....70's, 80's, 90, 10's and today fan and always will be. Its the meaning of what this team represents that defines it's fan base....Go Steelers!.......2013 DRAFT

Comments welcome.....I want your take on this issue!