View Full Version : Question for the Mods: selling own art?

Stu Pidasso
01-21-2013, 01:08 AM
Hey Mods, I don't know if this is kosher or not, so I figured I'd ask.

A friend of mine is a gifted sculptor, he's done things for Sideshow collectibles, Marvel, Disney, among other Hollywood firms. I am having him sculpt me an Art "Chief" Rooney bust, as he is seen in the "BELIEVE" posters. My question is: Can I sell copies of it on SF since it is artwork commissioned by me? I don't think it'll violate any copyrights, since he is/was a public figure... I was also planning on donating a portion of the proceeds to Myron Cope's Allegheny Valley School charity. All I want to do is recoup the money I spent for the sculpt and materials for casting.

Ok to go or no?

01-21-2013, 12:54 PM
Is their any way at all you can confirm the copyright status of this? That's the only thing that even remotely worries me. This site is very big and generates a lot of traffic. Couple that with the numerous copyright threats I've received from various sources, I usually opt to err on the side of caution.

If you know anything about this as far as the copyright protection, please get back to me. As long as it's not copyrighted material, and the items are Steelers related, you're free to sell in our class-fields section.