View Full Version : ALEX SMITH-QB #1 draft pick by 49ers in 2005

08-16-2006, 11:06 PM
i have heard a lot of analyst have been taking cheap shots at alex smith. most of them being that he is a "fluke" already. i dont think you can judge a qb on a team like that to be a fluke after only one season. no line,bad recievers, horrible defense,injured tight end doesnt help a rookie qb do well. im a joey harrington and a david carr fan also, they have the same type of problems even though joey was the third pick in his draft. i think everything needs to be built around the qb, and after the qb then the offensive line needs to be great, not descent but great. i have a feeling that if the texans have another bad season then carr is out for no good reason, all thanks to the o-line.harrington is already gone. analyst are judging him on how many int he throws, he wouldnt of thrown 11 int if he would of had more time in the pocket. it pains me to see good qbs on horrible teams because i know unless there is a good line coach then that qb is done for. i think alex smith needs to prove the so called pro analyst wrong and have a pro bowl season, i think he will do it, cause vernon davis will have about 100 catches cause he is the only good reciever on the team, vernon davis will make alex look good even if he isnt matured yet. i do understand guys like tim couch and ryan leaf, 1st round picks dont have to be good and i get that but i just think it is wrong to judge him already, makes me furrious.

01-08-2007, 05:05 PM
Pretty good call. I think Frank Gore's break out year will only help and improve Smith's development next season. I could see SF winning the NFC West next year if their offense gets it in gear more consistently. If they can draft a playmaker on defense or WR this year, then Alex could have his break out year in '07.

01-11-2007, 08:56 PM
Smith made pretty nice strides this season for the 49ers I thought. Given Gore's upcoming talents and this years draft which has some nice WR talent the niners could be looking pretty next year...:wave: