View Full Version : WTB: Home Game Tickets

03-15-2013, 12:57 PM
Never to early to ask :)
Me and my wife are planning to fly up for a game this year, looking to buy 2 tickets to a game pref in sept or oct. I don't care who the opponent is just looking for a decent price from my fellow Steeler fans, I know im gonna pay a premium just trying to ease the pain a bit. Thx Guys!

P.S I know tickets aren't usually issued till July or Aug

03-17-2013, 09:41 PM
It's pretty early.
You might get some hits once the schedule comes out in late April.
Last Years schedule was lousy with only 2 home games before Oct. 28th.
With the London away game on 9/29, the NFL will likely give us a buy on 10/6, so those 2 weekends will probably be out. I'm hoping for 2 of the first 3 in Sept. should be at home before going to London.