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03-18-2013, 07:52 AM
Iíve already done three or four mocks this offseason and they each had one thing in common, they had a lot of Ďbig nameí prospects in them. If there is one thing Iíve learned about the Pittsburgh Steelers over the last several seasons, it is that itís not really that often that the Steelers actually draft the Ďmost talked about prospectsí. It definitely happens, DeCastro, Polamalu, and a few others, but consistently, the guys the Steelers end up taking, arenít usually the guys that Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay spend the majority of their time discussing (beyond the top 10 of course).

So having said that, I went through the list of prospects and thought very seriously about what I thought the most unpredictable team in the draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers, might really do; who might ACTUALLY fall, not who I want. I also threw in a little bit of that Ďriskí factor, which the Steelers seem to love to do (Spaeth, Sweed, Bruce Davis, etc), sometimes it actually works out.

The other thing I did was looked at Ďsmall schoolí prospects and gave them a considerable amount of consideration; letís face it, the Steelers seem to be drawn to these types of prospects at times and like other teams, (NE, Baltimore) they seem to be able to get the most out of these types of prospects, more so than I think any other team could. Before I do each pick Iím going to list the round and give a quick explanation of my thought process for the pick in that round. For each selection I have 3 prospects listed, in order from most likely to least likely, but all possibilities. The first round is probably the hardest because you never know who will fall and who will get reached for considering the value of first round draft choices in general. Iíve also periodically added Player Alternatives: Same position, different player and Position Alternatives: Completely different position.

* Key Roster Point* : I donít believe Baron Batch will be on the active roster when the regular season starts.

*CBS Sports used for round projections (not completely accurate/up to date)

Round 1: It is my belief that unless a prospect that they really desire falls within two or three picks of #17, they will not move up because they need their picks, it also however my belief that unless they get a deal they simply cannot refuse(3+ picks), they wonít move back. For that reason I have them sitting at #17 and selecting a player in that spot. In the first round I think WR/OLB is the most likely, yes, they do draft based on BPA and not need so if a OG does drop, I could see, regardless of how I feel about it, the Steelers drafting Warmack or Cooper, but I actually think this draft is going to be the exception to the rule, in which they DO draft need.

For each of the 3 first round possibilities they are all guys who I actually think could be taken prior to our pick, but I donít think all 3 will be gone by 17. This mock draft is based on the belief that despite being a late 1st round value, Kenny Vaccaro will not be available at 17 (if he is, I think he could be the pick and it cancels out my 1st option for round 2)


1) DE/LB Damontre Moore
2) WR Keenan Allen
3) OLB/Jarvis Jones (position alternative Kenny Vaccaro, if he does drop)

Round 2: If we go to a WR in the first round, I do believe we will go to an OLB in the second, however, even if we go to an OLB in the first, I do not believe we will go to a WR in the second. In this round, like Woodley in the past, I actually think this is an area where we go Ďbigí.


1) SS Phillip Thomas
2) RB Joseph Randle
3) OLB Jamie Collins

Round 3: I would easily say this is the round where the Steelers like to take the biggest risks, so regardless of what they do in round 2, if they double up on a position I think this could either be the first of that prospective doubling or the second. I went small school here, guys that might Ďfall under the radarí.


1) WR Aaron Dobson
2) B.W. Webb (look at what school he is from)/Player alternative CB Robert Alford
3) DT Brandon Williams /Alternative *Unexpected fall/steal* DE Margus Hunt

Round 4: My fourth selection is based on the possibility of not having addressed the position by this point in the draft. In this round I think we could also find ourselves doubling up, but more likely, addressing an area we havenít to this point in the draft, to include drafting a DE that could stand up and play OLB. I also believe that if a certain prospect does fall to this round, we could find ourselves trading up to acquire him: See my first selection.


1) RB LeíVeon Bell
2) DE Cornelius Washington
3) SS JJ Wilcox (player alternative SS Robert Lester

Round 5: Depth round. I think this is a time where we could see the Steelers go special teams and/or Offensive line depth, if we draft a tackle at this point, my belief is that itíll be for an interior line role. Likewise, if we draft an OLB at this point, I think it could be a prospect that has the potential to move to ILB. My second selection has experience playing at several positions and could be a project guy. IF the Steelers have already taken 2 WRís by this point, they wonít take one here.


1) OT Brennan Williams
2) OLB Ty Powell (player alternative: OLB Etienne Sabino
3) WR Rodney Smith (position alternative: DT Kwame Geathers)

Round 6: At this point itís about getting the most value and the most potential, I think by this point in the draft they are all projects and all have question marks. My first selection, I think is a real possibility although I think he will be highly coveted. Also added a local kid to this selection.


1) OG Uzzi Omoregie
2) FS Rontez Miles
3) QB Sean Renfree

Round 7: Absolutely think this is an area where we could take a position weíve already drafted, regardless of how many at that position. In the 7th round, itís more so about potential and usually, the player is a project type that has a specific skill that the Steelers covet.


1) TE T.J. Knowles (heís 6í8Ē, enough said)
2) OG Earl Watford (player alternative: OG Sam Brenner)
3) Miguel Maysonet (small school and small size, 4-7 rd projection, could be a returner)

Hope you enjoyed my mock, I canít wait to hear your many opinions. Also, I encourage you to give some alternatives to my selections.