View Full Version : nfl.com vs, Yahoo FF

08-26-2006, 09:05 PM
Dieselman took up a league here at SF and the live draft was today on nfl.com
I typically have all my leagues on Yahoo but because I wanted to join Tom's league, I went to nfl.com today.

I much prefer Yahoo simply because the window where all the guys are also has the bye week. In nfl.com the bye weeks are not there and if you are not aware that the bye weeks are not listed, you better have a Pro Weekly handy (which I did) Marianne also supplied the bye weeks.

Also, why are players who do not play on the list? Jerome Bettis was there as the guy from Jac I drafted that has retired LOL. I got rid of him. Priest Holmes doesn't play anymore either I don't think but he is also up there and God only knows how many N/A there are. I just wasn't prepared and I apologize to all!~