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06-25-2013, 06:06 PM
Five bucks says this thread is locked in two minutes and my main is permabanned. Anyways...

For Bayz: No hard feelings, you were just doing your job as a mod. You should've put the dog down earlier actually. Overall you were a fair and fun mod, and you did nothing wrong. Good luck in the future, much worse than I shall be afoot...

For Mach: No hard feelings either, though I still say you flaunting your political beliefs is very unprofessional. Food for thought, but what does a fish-grabbing punk like I know?

For SteelersCanada: Even though we had our moments near the end, I will say you were the one and only person to have my back. Truly, thank you for being a pal, you were a solid guy. :wave:

For Buddha: This peckerhead is going to miss you, you old fart. We fought sometimes, but you were always the funny guy and you made me laugh. Have fun without me Piss Monkey!

For Vis: You're a smart guy, I hope you know. Always could count on you for being the wise man. Thanks for... well being Vis! :drink:

For Cap: I regret nothing I said.

For NePats: You seem like a good guy who needs to sharpen up on politics. Oh, and pick a better team. You baited and trolled alot, but you weren't too too bad...

For Everyone Else: Most of you were awesome, some sucked, but overall SF was an awesome experiance! :thumbsup: See y'all somewhere else perhaps...

For Myself: Should've bottled my anger better, but what is done is done. I have my flaws, but so does everyone.

Adios, and thanks for the good times everyone! You'll likely never see me again here, so goodbye!



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Well, now your main account is permanently banned, as well as your IP Address.

Just a fair warning: Not every forum will give you 20 chances, and I keep tight administrator relationships with most Steelers forums. If you're going to go somewhere else, don't think you'll go there with the same attitude you sported here. It won't end well.