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BB2W 07-13-2005 02:28 PM

Predictions for 2005 season
- Week 1, Sept. 11 vs. TITANS - W 24-10 (1-0)
Big Ben is back, and he looks more comfortable than ever. His command of the feild and leadership of the offense are noticible. Nice pick Cowhaaa! Titans get off to a slow start, and our "D" is pumped up for week one at Heinz. Ben gets them in the endzone early, and Duce takes it from there. Ball-controll style victory.

- Week 2, Sept. 18 @ TEXANS - W 31-27 (2-0)
David Carr to Andre Johnson early, and our sencondary's inability to cover Johnson is obvious. Double teaming Johnson only complicates things when Carr starts to hit other open receivers. If it wasn't for the Texans lack of defense we may not have won this shoot-out. Ben struggles at times throwing his first INT of the year, but our "D" is able to stop them on the last possesion of the game.

- Week 3, Sept. 25 vs. PATRIOTS - W 27-24 OT (3-0)
No way they are gonna win in our house again!!! The crowd and the team are fired up! We get out to an early lead, and at times it looks like we may win easily, but after a few punts Tom Brady is able to bring them back and create on of the better finishes to any game this season. Jeff Reed hit a clutch kick on the first possesion of OT.

- Week 4, Oct. 10 @ CHARGERS L 31-17 (3-1)
After a big win and a much needed bye week. The Steelers travel to the west coast and self-destruct. It could be rust, it could be the long trip, or it could just be the Chargers, but the Steelers struggle. The Chargers look good and we can't stop them. Colclough comes in for Williams, and he starts the remainder of the season. Teacher beats student.

- Week 5, Oct. 16 vs. JAGUARS W 34-10 (4-1)
Big Ben and Lord Byron face off again, but this time its in our house. Steelers win easy. Byron plays bad..... already naggin from injuries he is a sitting duck, and we are able to pressure the QB. He coughs it up and throws some picks.....defense looks great! Duce runs for 150.

- Week 6, Oct. 23 @ BENGALS W 14-6 (5-1)
This will be a tough game. After being the visitor for four out of their first six games, the Bengals are pumped up to be home, and they are in a must win situation after all the road games. I think it is an ugly game and Cincy plays tough, but the difference is a defensive TD by Pittsburgh in the second half.

- Week 7, Oct. 31 vs. RAVENS W 27-17 (6-1)
Steelers and the Ravens under the lights. Does it get any better than this? The whole nation tunes in as these bitter rivals are battling for the division lead. The Ravens stack the box and Ben plays one of the better games of his career exposing their new 46 defense early. Forced to watch for the deep threat.... Duce starts to get going, and I even see Bettis getting some action against the Ratbirds. Well played game by the Steelers on both sides of the ball.

- Week 8, Nov. 6 @ PACKERS W 24-10 (7-1)
The Packers do not play well, and we are able to pull one out in Lambeau. The Steelers are just too much for the Pack.....Farve starts sligin it, and Polamalu finishes with two INT's. The defense looks great, and is able to hold Green to almost nothing.

- Week 9, Nov. 13 vs. BROWNS W 41-17 (8-1)
Steelers reach their highest point total of the year in this nationally telivised blow-out. Browns score last, but they never had a chance. Maddux, and Bettis see some playing time in mop up duty. Fred Gibson get his first TD of his career.

- Week 10, Nov. 20 @ RAVENS L 28-17 (9-2)
Tough game, and a tough loss. The Steelers never could get it going. We couldn't run, Big Ben struggled, and Ed Reed found the endzone on an INT return. The Ravens were clearly the better team this time around.

- Week 11, Nov. 28 @ COLTS L 38-27 (9-3)
Back to back....ouch! It is a close game at first, but when Peyton starts to get going. he is going. They are faster than us on the turf, and bottom line....we cant score with them. We are able to move the ball.....just not like them. Heath Miller has a breakout game, having his way in the middle of the feild.

- Week 12, Dec. 4 vs. BENGALS W 28-26 (9-3)
Bengals usually play us tough and this season is no different....two great games. Carson and Ben get in a shootout. Chad Johnson has a big game, but Ben's passes over the middle to Miller and Ward keep the chains moving. The Bengals score a TD late, and go for two, but fail to convert. BIG defensive stop!

- Week 13, Dec. 11 vs. BEARS W 34-13 (9-4)
Easy home win for the Steelers. Boring game!.... Bears never had a chance. I got drunk as hell, and passed out in the third quarter.

- Week 14, Dec. 18 @ VIKINGS W 28-24 (10-4)
A very good road win for Pittsburgh, and the score makes it appear closer than it was. The Steelers got on top early and never looked back. Although the Vikes were able to keep it close. Dante struggled....took some sacks, and threw some picks. Heath Miller has another impressive game as a rookie, and Big Ben looks confident going into the playoffs.

- Week 15, Dec.24 @ BROWNS W 24-9 (11-4)
Crennell's system starts to take place and the defense plays much better at home, but the offense can only put up three feild goals. Steelers run the ball a lot in another ball controll win that completely silences the crowd. Duce and the Bus run all over them.

- Week 16, Jan. 1 vs. LIONS L 21-17 (11-5)
After clinching the AFCN last week, Cowher takes out the starters early. Detroit is fighting to salvage their season....maybe a dark-horse in the wild card standings, and they pull out a victory in a meanigless game for the Steelers. Jerome Bettis gets a lot of playing time, and receives an emotional send-off in his last reular season game in Pittsburgh.


bigbensgirl7 07-13-2005 02:32 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
Hey pretty good predictions there...good post!!! If that's how the year goes, I'll be satisfied as long as it is followed by a SB win also

Prosdo 07-13-2005 03:14 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
Nice post BB2W. I think they are good predictions. I do think we will beat the Chargers though :)

BB2W 07-13-2005 09:46 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
Thanks girls, I had today off work because of all the rain, and I was bored. I was looking at the schedule and decided to mess around and mock out the season. What a dork, huh. :rolleyes:

It was fun...... 11 and 5 would work for me too. :)

bengalsfan21 07-13-2005 10:07 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
You won't beat us twice and you know it.....No way not at all you focused on Chad a lot but who will stop housh and henry on the 3rd or even 4 reciever sets when warrick is in there, you can't double team then. I say you guys beat us @ home and lose to us @home. :D

STEELERDYNASTY 07-14-2005 11:18 AM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
As long as we make the playoffs and Ben continues to get better,I will be happy.

clevestinks 07-14-2005 02:14 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
I can`t make predictions with losses by team. It may jinx us. I know we will not go undefeated, I know we will not go 15-1 back to back years. But I just don`t want to predict a loss!

BB2W 07-14-2005 02:30 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
Yeah that does suck.....but you have to be realistic, and try to look at it like a fan of the NFL, or a gambler. You would not put all your money on the Steelers in week 11 at Indy....You realize there is a good chance we will lose that game.

clevestinks 07-14-2005 03:44 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season

Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
Yeah that does suck.....but you have to be realistic, and try to look at it like a fan of the NFL, or a gambler. You would not put all your money on the Steelers in week 11 at Indy....You realize there is a good chance we will lose that game.

I wouldn`t count us out of that game either. Ball control , running attack against that makeshift defense. And we can easily win this game. Keep Manning off the field. I worry much more about the so-called easy wins. We get to overconfident or they have nothing to lose. And they want to knock off the big boys.

Livinginthe past 07-14-2005 05:25 PM

Re: Predictions for 2005 season
Allow me to give me my opinion of your 'predictions for 2005' - Week 3 sees you give the Steelers a win in overtime - if i had a penny for everytime a similar prediction has been posted on Indy websites id be ....well not a rich man....but better off.
Fans who predict a win in overtime cant realistically see their team winning the game and are clutching at straws.
You have the Steeler losing to the Chargers, Ravens and Colts yet somehow beating the best team in the league.
May I suggest that this is a recipe for what you dearly hope the new season will contain - not a realistic evaluation of what is most likely to happen.

I think you are more than capable of shutting down a one trick team like the Colts but will struggle against a team similar to yourselves - but a team who does it better...The Pats.

Having said all this - I like the Steelers and rate them a serious threat for the AFC crown - Ben R can only get better - and despite the bashers I think he will be an excellent QB for you in the years ahead.



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