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Rush58 09-01-2005 11:04 PM

Is it just me...
but we do not look good? lol I understand it's the preseason, but the offense just looks plain bad. The running game is being hampered by injuries, and the defense has look shaky against the run and the pass the last 2 weeks. I am still optimistic we can turn our sloppy play around next week, but I am now worry.

Go Steelers!

BlitzburghRockCity 09-01-2005 11:08 PM

Re: Is it just me...
UGH, we've talked about this so much its too depressing to talk about anymore..starting offense wise atleast..

Stlrs4Life 09-01-2005 11:21 PM

Re: Is it just me...
I hear ya, they interview all the 1st teamers, and they all say the same. It's going to be ok. Ben just looks like he has lost alot of confidence.

BlitzburghRockCity 09-01-2005 11:29 PM

Re: Is it just me...
They surely arent going to say, We suck!! so you wonder how much they believe that or is it just talk to the media ?

You gotta think our starting offense is better than we showed in these 4 games, we just have to be :rolleyes:

Rush58 09-01-2005 11:44 PM

Re: Is it just me...

Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
They surely arent going to say, We suck!!

Don't worry. We got that covered. :D

SteelZeal 09-02-2005 12:46 AM

Re: Is it just me...

Ben just looks like he has lost alot of confidence.
And that comment, unfortunately, hits the nail on the head.

Has the o-line looked great? Not really. They've played all right, but they can do much better.

Are the WRs getting open and making plays? No, but they've gotta be somewhat open. I refuse to believe that these guys are being blanketed on every play.

How about the RBs? You know that situation.

But even so...

"Ben...most people would turn you away..."

It's Ben. It's not all Ben. But it's mostly Ben. It's not really his mechanics, and he hasn't magically been stripped of all his abilities.

It's his decision making, or lack thereof. He doesn't seem to trust anyone. He doesn't trust the O-line to block for him or the WRs to run their routes and catch his throws. And so, he hesitates for far too long. He looks as jittery as Vick in the pocket.

But why? Could the talk of a "sophomore slump" have gone to his head? (Keep in mind, such a thing isn't actually real; it's always an excuse for a real problem.) Are the playoffs still fresh in his mind? Does he really miss Plax that much? Has early fame gone to his head, and he's always trying to make the perfect play in order to live up to his rookie season?

We can sit here and debate the possibilities all day long, but the truth is, we just don't know. Mental problems are harder to diagnose than physical problems.

All I can say is: Ben, get over it. Whatever it is, get over it. Just drop back and let the ball fly. You've got a cannon. Use it. Just get out there and play. You know you can do it, so do it.

BlitzburghRockCity 09-02-2005 01:09 AM

Re: Is it just me...
He's forcing the issue so much and he's as tense any QB I've ever seen, young QB that is. He's not relaxed or lose, happy feet..he's feeling the pressure when it comes which is good, but he needs to to relax.

Prosdo 09-02-2005 01:11 AM

Re: Is it just me...
I agree he looks so wound up and uncomfortable back there. He just needs to calm down and remember he can play this game and rather well.

figg 09-02-2005 01:28 AM

Re: Is it just me...
I think Ben will be fine. If Hines catches that pass maybe he leads us down the field or if the line didnt suck who knows. Plus they really havent stretched out the D at all with long passes. As far as the D in the preseason im really not worried. Leabeau will be way more ceative come opening day.

I think were going to have our hands full against the Titans. A great HC (even though I hate his guts and chuckle everytime I hear how Cowher broke his leg and ended his career) and a new OC who no one knows in the NFL. We have to come out and punch them so hard in the mouth that they dont recover.

Da Boot 09-02-2005 01:46 PM

Re: Is it just me...
The one thing that is bothering me is how tense Ben is in the preseason. He should be dropping back there with confidence and letting them fly, what does he have to lose? There is no point in trying to be perfect or being timid out there in the preseason. Let er rip. I honestly do not have a clue what we are going to see on the 11th.

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