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Suitanim 09-22-2005 08:53 PM

Fair is Fair..
Unless it's fair weather...check this out...

Much debate has taken place on this board about the Patriots' fan base, and several "visitors" insisting that Pats have dedicated and long-term fans, just as much as the Steelers. The Patsy fans insist that they have not become interested in the franchise due to recent victories, and have and will continue to stick by their team no matter what.

Fine, then. But admit here that the Steeler fans are more plentiful, engergized and dedicated than Patsy fans. Loyal Pats' fans should have no problem finding occasions where Pats' fans took over an opposing teams' stadium, as the Steeler fans do with regularity. Some examples:

This helps to explain the 10,000-plus Steelers followers chanting "Duuuuuuuuuuce" and drowning out the host Cowboys fans Oct. 17 in Dallas.

"It looked like a Steelers home game," said Tim Campion, a Minnesota native who wound up the vice president of the Southern Steel Fan Club in north Texas. The faithful gravitated to Texas Stadium from the New Mexico Steelers club, from old Mexico, from the Tulsa, Okla., club, from even Florida and Pittsburgh.

Police at Texas Stadium caught a couple of fanatics without tickets climbing over the fence, illegally trying to get into the game.

"Those are my people; that's my heritage right there," kidded Cowboys media-relations director Rich Dalrymple, a North Hills High graduate. "As someone who grew up there, it makes me proud ... the way the Steelers are loved."

Cincinnati is another venue with a similar Steelers gravitational pull. Counts vary over the years, but often one-third of the 65,535 seats have been occupied by Steelers fans.

"We don't need the opponent's fans to fill up the place now," said Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan, who didn't know how many Steelers fans to expect today, with both teams a hot ticket. "Certainly, the fan fervor that follows the Steelers is a reflection of their consistent success over I don't know how many years."

* * *

"It's out of control," said Steve Burman over the telephone from Hawaii.

Or how about this:

"Steeler fans also will gather in hundreds of other public watering holes today. They'll be among retirees at Spectators Sports Bar in Fort Myers, Fla.; with a heavily Hispanic crowd at the Kings-X watering hole in El Paso, Texas; joining software engineers at Zachery's in Millbrae, Calif.

The Steelers' fan support around the country is legendary. Television commentators point out the unusual visibility and decibel level of support for the Steelers in other teams' stadiums, only some of which is produced by current Pittsburghers traveling to follow their team."

Or this (even for preseason games):

"I'm going to the game tomorrow and i have a bad feeling that Fedex Field is going to be swarmed with Pittsburgh fans. With the combination of Pittsburgh doing so well last year and us doing so poorly i know its gunna happen. I have a feeling it might even be 35 percent pittsburgh fans, what do u guys think?"

And this:

"Todd from Jacksonville: It's the rule of this forum that we ask you questions, but I'm compelled to make a statement. One of Jack Del Rio's original tag lines for this franchise was ?take back our house.? Jacksonville has failed. I was embarrassed Sunday night sitting in section 244 watching thousands of yellow flags waved around my stadium. I have never felt like wearing my own colors, in my own stadium, made me a target. My friends were trying to take my Jaguars logo magnets off my car because they didn't want to deal with hecklers. Look, Pittsburgh has a long and wonderful tradition and I am impressed by their fans' support of their team, but what a wonderful example they set and what a sad realization for Jags fans. We've read in the news lately that the fans' belief that they are a part of the game is dangerous, but there is reckless, obnoxious behavior and then there is emotional, unconditional support for your franchise. I love Jacksonville. I love the Jaguars. I am a loyal fan. Sunday night I had to watch someone walk into my house, sit down in my favorite chair, take control of my remote and dare me to take it back. I tried, the Jaguars tried, neither of us succeeded. Please, Jacksonville, take this as an example of what real fans do. You don't have to travel and take over someone else's stadium. Let's start by taking control of ours. Buy a ticket and love your team. This is our house."

And this:

"After watching the Bengals get crushed by the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday, after watching Steeler fans take over Paul Brown Stadium as if it were their own, I suggested that either Brown was a fool for ignoring the obvious and hiring someone to run the football operation of his franchise or the fans were fools for having built him a stadium."

Or how about this:

"It was Buffalo's final home game. But, sometimes, it didn't feel that way. The west end zone of Ralph Wilson Stadium -- heavily populated by towel-wavers -- led a booming chant of "Here we go, Steelers" in the game's final seconds.

"All I saw was yellow towels going everywhere," Bills cornerback Terrence McGee said."

Buffalo, Dallas, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Washington, Baltimore, Cleveland, and on and on. Bars nationwide showing Steeler games. Steeler fans reigning - despite the lack of recent Super Bowl success.

So, given that the Patriots have such a devoted fan base, and are the beneficiaries of recent success, I am sure that you can find many examples of Patsy fans taking over the opponents' stadium . . . right?

So, please provide the details for such occasions.

bigbensgirl7 09-22-2005 09:13 PM

Re: Fair is Fair..

"After watching the Bengals get crushed by the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday, after watching Steeler fans take over Paul Brown Stadium as if it were their own, I suggested that either Brown was a fool for ignoring the obvious and hiring someone to run the football operation of his franchise or the fans were fools for having built him a stadium."
I go to that game every year...."It's our home away from home" and it's been like that forever...not just the past 15 years....try since the 70s!!!! Welcome to the Steelers Jungle!

But seriously...we have fans everywhere you look. There are Steelers bars in almost every town, and it's never hard to find a Steeler fan anywhere! Pretty much every away game (no matter how far away it is) the announcers seem to always metion the overwhelming number of Steelers fans in the crowd!!! I love it!!! We have some of the most loyal and die hard fans in the league!!!

BlitzburghRockCity 09-22-2005 09:18 PM

Re: Fair is Fair..
There is NOTHING in the world like a STEELERS fan.. We are the BEST !!! Good stuff suit !!

Livinginthe past 09-23-2005 04:36 AM

Re: Fair is Fair..
Ho Hum.

I dont believe we have to compare favourably to the Steelers to regard ourselves as an excellent fan-base.

I think maybe you are getting a little over-excited with gameday approaching Suit, and are inventing head-2-head rivalries where none exist.

The Steelers have been succesful for a lot longer than the Patriots have - which is bound to lead to a substantial fan-base country wide.

The Patriots on the other hand have achieved very little for the most part of their existence - rarely making the playoffs and mostly having a losing record - that is....until the last 4/5 years.

Despite this we have sold out every home game for the last 14 years - INCLUDING pre-season - I think this shows dedication to the team - especially as the fans have had very little to encourage them along the way in terms of winning records and post-season appearances.

The fact is the Patriots fans are a super-loyal bunch who are willing to support their team in times of crisis - and hell yeah, now we are enjoying the fruits of a little success.

NE doesn't have anything like the number of booster clubs that more established franchises such as the Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers have....but if we can maintain a steady level of performance over the 10 years then I think we will start to see the Patriot country-wide fan base start to rival that of a team such as the Steelers.

So yes, I will concede that Steelers fans are certainly more plentiful in a country wide-sense, but I dont think you will convince me that the Steelers are anymore 'energetic or dedicated'.



Hammer67 09-23-2005 06:37 AM

Re: Fair is Fair..
All I can say is that since moving to Detroit, I can't belive it. I go to a bar with NFL Sunday ticket, wear my colors, find my TV showing the Pittsburgh game (at some places they put it far in the corner as to not have the Steelers fans overshine the Lions fans!) and end up with a whole group around me...

I think the succes in the 70's did have a lot to do with their fan following but they have been popular even before the Super Bowls. One thing Pittsburgh is not is "fairweather" about football.

Why else have there been no general admission seating in over 30 years? People say things like "we have sell outs every week!" This sounds strange to me as I don't even think about that. We take it for granted. No one in Pittsburgh knows what it is like buying a gameday ticket from the box office. You have to get on a waiting list for season tickets which is like 7 - 10 years. You don't go to a game unless you "know someone" with season tickets that can't go or you want to pay a scalper an ungodly fee.

Much different here in Detroit where they practically give Lions tickets away. Pleople tell me they are almost as easy to get here as Tigers tickets.

One thing I have heard from friends in the Boston area are the fact that there are a ton of bandwagon Patriots fans. One particular friend has been loyal to the Pats for over 20 years and is actually annoyed by some people now that he feels are "Johnny come lately" types. But, I guess this is to be expected from a franchise that has had just recent can happen anywhere, but Pittsburgh! :grin:

BlitzburghRockCity 09-23-2005 07:35 AM

Re: Fair is Fair..
Another good thing about Steeler fans is, when compared to fans of other successful teams and fans of non successful teams, we still show up week in and week out, still fill up the stadiums, parking lots, bars and clubs just to see our boys get it on. Fair weather fans need not apply :grin:

Suitanim 09-23-2005 08:21 AM

Re: Fair is Fair..
I didn't write the post...

Hammer67 09-23-2005 08:51 AM

Re: Fair is Fair..
Elaborating on that season ticket thing I mentioned above, I think because every seat is a season ticket holder adds to the atmosphere. More so then any other town (except Green Bay). The reason is you become familiar with the people around you as the seasons go on. You see familiar faces, familiar tailgates. It's more of a giant family atmosphere. This is something that just isn't possible with stadiums and teams that are mostly general admission. In those cases, you end up sitting at a different place every time you go and there are always different people.

This is a big part of the party atmosphere and mystique surrounding the infamous Steeler tailgates?I love it! :cheers:


clevestinks 09-23-2005 02:18 PM

Re: Fair is Fair..
I do beleive I remember either HW or LITP , saying that Pats fans were almost non existant, pre-Kraft. Plus we have a true blue collar town that loves football. And I think this spreads everywhere. I can appreciate all fans of all teams. Without the fans, would there really be a rivalry?? Players laugh amongst each other after games win or lose. We dont laugh after losses. We dont laugh for days. We energize the stadiums. I love rivalries. Props to all fans that support thier team, no matter what, good or bad. Screw the fair weather fans.

With that said" Go Steelers" Steeler fans pat yourself on the back, cause your the greatest.

Cape Cod Steel Head 09-23-2005 02:34 PM

Re: Fair is Fair..
Having lived in NE the past twelve years I can honestly call Patsy fans fair weather fans. Unlike the Sox whos fans are truly dedicated. Ive never seen a group of fans who love their team one year,and hate them the next. The year they started 0-4 you never heard from them until they started winning. Right now its fashionable to be a Pats fans, but after this weekend when they fall to 1-2 they will start falling off the bandwagon like they always do. But then again that may be because I'm acustom to being around true diehard fans of the greatest team in the NFL. When a sports team becomes akin to a religion only then will they be considered"real" fans.

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