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Livinginthe past 09-26-2005 07:55 AM

Food for thought....
Steeler fans,

Im sure most of you are aware of the CHFF (Cold Hard Football Facts) website - here is a link which tries to explain why Pittsburgh struggle in the Cowher era in the 'big games'.

Its basically what I alluded to in another post, but actually backed up with some facts and stats.



ironcitychef 09-26-2005 12:11 PM

Re: Food for thought....
I may be biased, but the logic in this article is false. To say that we are not allowed to be a football playoff team cause we can't be the 11-5 teams(Denver and New England I think mostly) is absurd. Not many teams did it either. Also, those teams are defined by a core of a steady roster, same QB, same RB, same D. Look at our teams, different QBs, different RBs, different CBS/LBS. Still getting to the playoffs. No rebuilding for us. It did show we are undefeated in the playoffs against 10-6/9-7 teams game makes us lower quality wins? I'll disagree with this...

As for quality wins, we can't do anything about our division. All teams will say this. Half the schedule is what it is. You can't change it. But the other half is always constant. If we finish first in our division(10 times) then we play the 1st place teams in the other divisions. Hence the KC,PATS,DEN,TEN,IND, etc. Throw in GB, TB, and PHI, I really don't see how playing the schedule the NFL gives us can be held against us. I disagree here as well.

The way I want to see this done is actually we always run to set up more running and play action. When we should mix it up and playaction/pass to set up the run against teams that want to put 7,8,9 on the line or box early.

Suitanim 10-03-2005 06:35 PM

Re: Food for thought....
I almost forgot about this...I've been thinking about this since at least 1997 when Kordell threw the game away.

This analysis is all nice and stuff, and looks factual and whatnot, and, if you are a Cowher hater, easy to jump on board's the dissenting view though.

I submit just this; Quarterbacks.

That's all. QB's. QB's lost most of, if not all of, these games that all these brainiacs are trying to dissect and analyze in the past tense. The one variable a HC has the least control over is the QB. Let's revisit all these scenarios' in which we have been deemed losers because of Cowher...

1994 AFC title game ? In a 17-13 loss to San Diego, Pittsburgh?s leading ballcarrier, Barry Foster, picked up just 47 yards on 20 carries. With his top-ranked rushing attack stifled, O?Donnell was forced to pass 54 times. The Pittsburgh offense found its way into the end zone just once and lost, 17-13.

Classic defensive struggle...may I remind all that we were on the 3 yard line at the end of game and Barry Foster had an O'Donnell pass batted away.

1995 Super Bowl ? In a 27-17 loss to Dallas, Pittsburgh?s top two ballcarriers, Erric Pegram and Bam Morris, were held to just 88 yards on 25 carries. With his twelfth-ranked rushing attack stifled, O?Donnell famously tossed two INTs to wide open defensive back Larry Brown, who set up easy touchdowns for the Dallas offense while earning MVP honors in the process.

In fact, after the Steelers settled down, this was a very even game, due to a superlative defensive effort by the Steelers. Interesting how the author fails to mention that O'Donnell only had (I believe) 6 other INT's coming into this game...O'Donnell played his worst game as a Steelers in his biggest game.., how is that Cowher's fault?

1996 divisional playoffs ? In a 28-3 loss to New England, Pittsburgh?s leading ballcarrier, Jerome Bettis, was held to 43 yards on 13 carries. With their second-ranked rushing attack stifled, quarterbacks Tomczak and Stewart combined for a spectacularly unproductive 16 of 39 for 110 yards with two INTs.

Stewart? Tomczak? And this guy lays the blame on others? Please...

1997 AFC title game ? In a 24-21 loss to Denver, Pittsburgh's leading ballcarrier, Bettis, gave the Steelers a potentially winning performance with 105 yards on 23 carries. But against a champion-caliber defense, Stewart completed just 18 of 36 passes for 201 yards with 1 TD and 3 INTs.

Stewart 3 INT's...I'm pretty sure 2 of them were in the endzone while we were in the redzone...

2001 AFC title game ? In a 24-17 loss to New England, Pittsburgh?s leading rusher, Bettis, was held to a humiliating 8 yards on 9 carries. With his top-ranked rushing attack stifled, Stewart completed just 24 of 42 passes for 255 yards with 0 TDs and 3 INTs, including one each on Pittsburgh?s final two desperation drives.

See a pattern here? Subpar QB's at the helm of superior teams?

2004 AFC title game ? In a 41-27 loss to New England, Pittsburgh?s leading rusher, Bettis was held to 64 yards on 17 carries. With his second-ranked rushing attack stifled, Roethlisberger had his worst game of his previously unbeaten rookie season. He completed 14 of 24 passes for 226 yards and 2 TDs, but tossed three INTs, including one that was returned nearly 100 yards by Rodney Harrison for a back-breaking TD at the end of the first half.

This is where the pattern begins to break...this is the 1st time the Steelers invest in a QB, and the kid wears out. While the author continues to dote on the rush, the Steelers start looking at the pass with an actual top-notch QB at the helm. Cowher may have his Championship team after all, since he will finally not be relegated to second-hand talent and projects/experiments. May I remind all that Ben has zero INT's so far this year..

CowherLover 10-03-2005 07:44 PM

Re: Food for thought....
Suit.............. Ilove you man!

Hammer67 10-03-2005 08:04 PM

Re: Food for thought....
Suit...great points....

On that note, I loved Ed Bouchette's article today in the Post Gazette about how Cowher is unfairly criticized. I actually have to agree with madden and Paul Alexander in that a lot of "Yinzer" fans tend to be uninformed about football. How can you blame Cowher for things like the stupid El lateral attempt or Brooks jumping offsides? These are intangibles....

BIGBENFASTWILLIE 10-03-2005 08:58 PM

Re: Food for thought....
Well now we have a quarterback
a good set of backs
and the top ranked defense in the nfl
I believe if we have to beat a team throwing, ben can get it done.
the time is now
the Pats are finished

I.C. Lights 10-03-2005 09:36 PM

Re: Food for thought....
Yeah, it's time alright. Just have a few minor kinks to work out - everyone's gotta stay healthy and we're there!!!

tony hipchest 10-03-2005 09:41 PM

Re: Food for thought....
cold hard football facts is one of the biggest patriot homer sites on the web from what i understand and everything is spun to be "pro patriots".

tony hipchest 10-03-2005 09:57 PM

Re: Food for thought....
what have shanahan, holmgren, switzer, bilichick, siefert, etc. done without their hall of fame quarterbacks? not half as much as cowher has done with the likes of odonnel, kordell, maddox, tomzac, and one superior rookie qb. anyone who thinks i would rather have one of these guys coaching my team cause they have a ring is kidding themselves.

tony hipchest 10-03-2005 10:01 PM

Re: Food for thought....
im even willing to say the steelers would be the bears, browns, bengals, lions, colts, chiefs etc. without cowher as their head coach for the past 13+ years.

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