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BlitzburghRockCity 10-16-2005 10:06 PM

Time for change at RB
I'm all for Willie getting alot of touches..he's a playmaker and the guy puts his heart and soul into every run. He can score at any given time... If Duce was healthy I'd say we outta highly consider putting him in as the starter and using willie to spell him and also give him all his usual plays as well.

Im not giving up on Willie..but like it or not, we are still a power running team..when Jerome is in there, he moves the pile, he's sure handed, he's reliable to always gain atleast a yard even when hit at the line of scrimmage. I know willie is a playmaker and again Im not saying he shouldnt continue to be a big part of the offense..but the last few weeks, we just havent had the running game that we need on a consistent basis. Flashes here and there..a big run now and then doesnt cut it..we need to consistently move the chains, get yards in a methodical fashion and let Ben do his thing..that way there is no pressure on anyone person to feel like they have to win it. We play as a team very well, but if we dont get more continuity out of the running game its gonna come back to bite us later on...

So Im saying..since Duce probably wont be 100% maybe all year... Willie is the starter, still gets his swing passes, draws, laterals, etc to spring big plays, but use the Bus ALOT more; I mean ALOT more..especially in the second half.

When Quincy had that huge return, it should have been Jerome on first down, Jerome on second down, kick the FG on 3rd down and we win the game.

Just my .02 on it....

Koopa 10-16-2005 10:11 PM

Re: Time for change at RB
yeah i hate to say it but willie isn't the back for us, we need a big pounder not a speed burner. willie would be good for a lot of other teams but for us he won't be that great. we need duce to hurry the hell up and get healthy cause we gonna need him. if only our oline would freakin step up when run blocking maybe willie can do good but i think we all over hyped him

BlitzburghRockCity 10-16-2005 10:17 PM

Re: Time for change at RB
And that brings up another good point.. with our OL having a rough go of it in the running game blocking the last couple of weeks.. can u contribute that to just playing stellar defensive lines like jax, sd, etc.. or is it just we arent getting it done... I'd tend to say its the first..but in any case, when that happens, I would prefer going w/ a guy who can make his own hole! when you've got jerome, kreider, and those 5 monsters in front, that's what you need for consistency.... we still need willie, there is no doubt..but we gotta have more power and experience back there especially w/ injuries that have slowed hines and ben.

TasmanianTroy271 10-16-2005 10:32 PM

Re: Time for change at RB
I don't think that Willie's a bad back, or even that he's not the back for us, He's just not the kind of back you can run of the middle for the first 2 downs and then pass. We need to have a power back, and have Willie there to sling out for screens and sweeps cause he can break it outside, but we havent really been giving him those kinds of passes. Now during preseason, Noah looked like he could run it up the middle, if he progresses well and we hold on to him he might just be the future of the Power Running game, but I dunno, I wouldn't blame Willie, I'd blame the plays we're giving him.

Also, we've yet to see a 2 RB formation. why??? that'd completely throw everyone off, cause you've got to plan for a run up the middle, to the side, short pass, and long pass. It'd be man coverage all the way.

tony hipchest 10-16-2005 11:01 PM

Re: Time for change at RB
lets just bring back a. zeoroue and maddox chucking the ball for 4000 yds and a 6-10 season. the 1st 2 games parker was the cats meow. now he aint shit. remember our power running game in 2001 afc champ game/ how bout duce in last years champ game? pinning this on willie is a bit unfair. maddox has been paid to be the #2 qb and was given his opportunity today. he failed. he was the 1 who fumbled the snap and created a turnover not willie. remember jerome fumbling last year on 4th and 1? cowhers coaching decisions have no bearing on who drops a ball and who dont either. now is not the time to give up on what we have in place. i know cowher or the rest of the steelers organization arent gonna do that. if the patriots at 3-3 (who could very well be 1-5) still think they are #1 in sb contention, so should we. like we proved last year 12-4 isnt out of the question. 10-6 gets us into the playoffs. today we had jerome and we had duce and neither of them would have changed the outcome of the game. (unless they were playing qb-then we might have won)

tony hipchest 10-16-2005 11:07 PM

Re: Time for change at RB
previous post should have read..... "now he aint shit?????"
that was a question, not a statement. my bad

i think w. parker is great in our offense

ironcitychef 10-17-2005 01:29 AM

Re: Time for change at RB
I don't think you change. I think you just played 3 like teams who if given the choice will stuff the run as much as possible and run as much as effective. TEN and HOU didn't do this. Cincy, might not be able to stop it all. Then through in 4 games against CLE/BAL and GB and DET. Think we just hit a rough spot and nothing more. Most off the inside lines for those teams are not 2nd rate.

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