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Tim 10-24-2005 09:06 AM

CJ praises Ike
"Ike Taylor is very good," Johnson said. "I came into the game thinking it was going to be easy, to tell you the truth. He made me go into my bag of tricks, which is a good thing for the opponent. He's in a class of his own."

Always nice to see your opponents admit when they've been well defended. Especially such a motor-mouth like CJ.

Still, we Steeler's fans can't be too negative towards CJ. We've got some major mouths on our team as well. For example, maybe Joey Porter would like to make a tackle someday to go along with all his trash talk :rolleyes:

Prosdo 10-24-2005 09:08 AM

Re: CJ praises Ike
Very true Tim. It is always nice to see an opponent give one of your guys props. The thing with Joey is weird. One game he is all in there and the next you wonder if he played.

SteelR1 10-24-2005 09:13 AM

Re: CJ praises Ike
I continue to like CJ. He's a great receiver, talks alot but not in a T.O. way.. The little crying thing, who cares the man just wants to win.. To give credit to Ike Taylor, Class Act..

Now if we can just get him to the dentist, ha ha

BB2W 10-24-2005 11:02 AM

Re: CJ praises Ike
He also said this...

"Well, Ike really isn't on the list," Johnson said. "But, on a serious note, he's very good. He's a good player. He's good, fast, quick. I did everything I could to make the plays I did."

I did not expect this out of Chad. I have a new found respect for him... a little. Taylor must have been all over Chad to make him this humble. I wonder id chad has ever been pressed that much. Ike played him right on the line almost all day... I am so happy Ike finally panned out, I hope they sign him to a long term deal.

SteelrsRck 10-24-2005 11:17 AM

Re: CJ praises Ike
I was worried about that match-up coming into this game but glad to see Ike can hold his own.

Anyone see the pre-game show when Porter was talking all that smack about the bungals on the field?I dont recall hearing his name once all game like prosdo said hes either mentioned all game long or not at all whats up with him latley?

BurghThing 10-24-2005 11:19 AM

Re: CJ praises Ike
Hopefully Clark comes back next game and Harrison moves over to the other side and gives Joey a week off.

And what's not to like about CJ? The man is entertaining and afterall, thats what this game is about.

Koopa 10-24-2005 11:50 AM

Re: CJ praises Ike
cj is a great wr, and ike should be honored that he's getting props from a dude that tore champ bailey supposidly the best shut down corner in the league a new asshole last season on monday night football. hopefully ike won't get lured away by a lot of money cause he can be great for us along with mcfadden.

BB2W 10-24-2005 11:52 AM

Re: CJ praises Ike
CBS Sportsline on Ike...


10. Pittsburgh cornerback Ike Taylor can take a curtain call for the job he did Sunday on Cincinnati's Chad Johnson. The Steelers locked him up with Johnson all afternoon -- the first time the team's done that since, well, since Rod Woodson was there -- and Taylor responded by keeping the Pro Bowl receiver out of the end zone. The Steelers made the move because of the uncertain status of cornerback Willie Williams. Thinking they might have to start rookie Bryant McFadden -- who replaced Williams during the game anyway -- they decided to assign the more experienced Taylor to Johnson. "Necessity is the mother of invention," defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said.


TasmanianTroy271 10-24-2005 02:09 PM

Re: CJ praises Ike
:bouncy: remember that guy that would come around everytime Ike made a ST tackle and would post 8 threads about it and link to his "I love Ike Taylor" site? what ever happenend to him?

BlitzburghRockCity 10-24-2005 03:32 PM

Re: CJ praises Ike
As soon as chad actually says something legit..he'll follow it up w/ something stupid...but props to him for admitting he was played well by Ike !

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