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TasmanianTroy271 10-24-2005 02:53 PM

Steelers '06 draft
OK, so we're almost halfway through the season, and our strengths and weaknesses have been shown, barring any career ending injuries. Here's what we're looking at for our 2006 draft

QB - Big Ben's gonna be the starter. Hopefully Batch will stay backup. Hopefully Rod Rutherford can stay on the PS and maybe pass Batch in a few years. Hopefully Tommy Maddox will be found in a ditch somewhere.

RB - Willie Parker has definately stepped up this year, and could be a feature back for the Steelers in years to come, but for everyone that says that, there's someone that says Willie is not the kind of back that will flourish with the Steelers. With Bettis wanting a very limited role and possibly retiring, Duce Staley not playing and taking a major chunk of salary money, and Verron Haynes not exactly tearing up the field, there's a fairly good chance a back will be drafted somewhere in this draft. Noah Herron is waiting in the wings, though, and with +10-20 pounds, he could be the solution to the Steelers problem. Expect a RB to possibly be taken somewhere around the 2-5th rounds.

FB - I am a huge fan of Dan Krieder. Anytime he gets the ball, it brings a huge smile to my face, but if he goes down, that means we have one of our RB's come in at FB. Verron Haynes is capable, but I'd like someone who can specialize in it. A FB might be possibly taken in the later rounds, or as an Undrafted rookie.

WR - We didnt give Hines Ward the biggest contract in Steelers History for nothing. Randle El, Cedric, and Quincy are all year 5 vets, and Nate Washington is looking to be an Undrafted steal.

OL - Our Offensive Line is one of the best in the business, but what about in 3 years? My main worry is our Center, Jeff Hartings. He's not dominating like he was last year and he's not getting any younger. In the NE game, Seymour was running all over him. Not many people have an educated opinion on Chukky Okobi, as he hasn't played much. I'd expect a C to possibly be taken somewhere in the front of the draft. Our Guard situation is pretty good, as Faneca is still one of the best linemen in the NFL, Kendall Simmons doing pretty well, and Chris Kemoeatu could become dominating in a few years. Our Tackle situation could get a look at. Max Starks is in his first year, and will improve, and Marvel is still as good as always, but when your backup is Barret Brooks, you might want to look into something else. Trai Essex was the only questionable draft pick the Steelers made this year, but he may come along. Not an immediate worry though.

DL - Casey Hampton will be our beast up the middle for a while, with an adequate backup known as Chris Hoke. Aaron and Kimo are excellant ends, and while Kimo is getting old, he says he still has years left in him. Even if he doesnt, Kiesel is waiting in the wings, and Kirschke is our vet backup. Long term, Eric Taylor will probably end up on the Steelers roster again, and may work his way up. No worries here.

LB - Joey Porter and Clark Haggans are pretty good OLBs, and James Harrison is looking like a future starter. Andre Frazier is impressing coaches with his Special Teams play, and will likely get his chance to move up on the Steelers depth chart. Farrior and Foote have been stuffing the run all year, and with Goo Wallace for future depth and Clint Kriedwalt as a vet backup and special teamer, the Steelers could draft a versitile LB to develop into either of these positions as nessacary, but it's 50/50 chance that'll happen

DB - Ike Taylor, Bryant McFadden, and Ricardo Colclough. All young CB's with huge potential. Deshea in there as the wily veteran, it's unlikely the Steelers will make it 4 years in a row drafting a CB. Troy is also a young DB that the Steelers traded up to get (yes, the cheap Steelers traded up for him), so he'll most likely be a Steeler Starter for years to come. Chris Hope is a pretty good FS looking to cash in next year, and it's unknown whether the Steelers will give him a long term extension, or cut him loose and draft someone to replace him. Our depth at S is not very deep, as both our backups are 6 and 9 year vets. So it's likely the Steelers draft a Safety somewhere in this draft.

ST - Jeff Reed will most likely end up as one of the top Kickers in this league in a few years. Chris Gardocki isn't getting any younger, and only when he wants to retire will he. I doubt he'll pull a Gary Anderson and go 19 years, but he is signed through the '06 season, so likely once his contract runs out, the Steelers will draft or pick up a punter to take his place. Probably not in this draft though.

That;s my opinion on what will happen in the 2006 draft. It shall be interesting, as the Steelers dont have that many weaknesses. What do you guys think.

Atlanta Dan 10-24-2005 03:32 PM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
If history is any guide, when the Steelers do not sign you before the last year of your contract and you have any skills at all that player is usually gone in free agency.

Randle El has what is still the potential to return punts and play WR (although performing both roles as you get older is unusual), and his highlight skills make me believe someone else will pay more for him than the Steelers are willing to. The knock on Hope going into the season was that he was not making more big plays, but his INT right after Ben threw his pick to start the second half yesterday arguably was the biggest defensive play of the season. Hope's stock is going up and he may be gone as well.

Bottom line is the Steelers should be looking for a big WR (thanks for nothing Fred Gibson) and linemen on both sides of the ball in the draft. If Hope leaves they may try to plug that hole through free agency; they otherwise are loaded with young talent (McFadden, Taylor & Troy) at the other DB positions.

BIGBENFASTWILLIE 10-24-2005 04:26 PM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
i say they pick up a DE early in the draft. Possibly 1st or 2nd.
and pick up a running back in the other spot.
3rd round is a OL, and 4th rd a MLB
If Hope is not signed then he must be replaced in the FA, the secondary is young and we need experienced players.
5th round a quarterback...i think cutting Brian St. was a mistake.
6th round draft for a new punt returner, special teams player. (WR)
7th..... OL
I was hoping Maddux culd have been traded for a draft pick but i think he sealed that deal!!!

BlitzburghRockCity 10-24-2005 04:34 PM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
DE, RB, and WR on day 1.. depending on what happens w/ El. We may go after a guy like Larry Johnson in a trade via FA or the draft to help out too.

Maddox is probably done, IMO.. if Batch will stick around, I'd wanna keep him as a number 2 guy and draft a young QB if rutheford doesnt pan out in the PS.

In true Steeler fashion, we'll go for depth at LB too.. just to sure up both the inside and outside.

Okobi has been waiting his turn patiently to take over for hartings..they like chukki, but we always draft an OL or 2 to help for the future, and this coming up draft will be no different. Essex is good and we have some decent depth now, but u cant have enough good OL.

Iron City Hangover 10-24-2005 10:39 PM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
Vince Young will be a nice pick since you guys need a QB.

Koopa 10-24-2005 10:56 PM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
well vince young ain't gonna be a starter for us and he is good enough to start so we won't think about getting him, and he's gonna stay another year to get the heisman trophey.

BlitzburghRockCity 10-24-2005 11:28 PM

Re: Steelers '06 draft

Originally Posted by Iron City Hangover
Vince Young will be a nice pick since you guys need a QB.

I think the black n silver face paint has seeped into your brain... :yuck: :cool:

hmmmmmmmm 10-25-2005 12:07 AM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
Vince Young is gonna be a damn good QB wherever he goes. Itll be a shame seein him get drafted by a team like the Steelers. Just cause of the type of O they run plus id rather see him go to a Texas team (Cowboys) and the Steelers dont need one

Koopa 10-25-2005 12:14 AM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
it'll be a shame to see him win if he came here? i think the texans should draft him so he can go play at home and eat at papa (i don't know who the spell the rest of the name but you know what i mean, they say it on get ya mind correct) every day since it is his favorite restruant. and with his escape ability he can fit good with them, the cowboys already got their franchise qb in henson or romo lol. with the steelers vince might be able to come in do good but we don't need a qb that good we need a 5th round caliber qb to come in and back up big ben. i think we need to focus on the o-line and add some depth on the defensive side

hmmmmmmmm 10-25-2005 12:29 AM

Re: Steelers '06 draft
Naw he needs to go to the Cowboys and play on a decent team. I dont think he would do good with the Steelers cause Cowhers wouldnt know what to do with him. Plus, if yall draft a Qb with any of your top four picks you probably need to be slapped. A good back up can be found anywhere

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