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revefsreleets 08-12-2008 09:08 AM

Awfully quiet about Shrub...
Nobody has ever won 3 road races in one year. Not Stewart, not Gordon, no one.

And you know how I feel about road courses in relation to actual driver talent.

Still don't really care for him, but I still say he is becoming (if not already) the most talented driver in Cup.

tony hipchest 08-12-2008 09:33 AM

Re: Awfully quiet about Shrub...
damn, i had meant to bump the other thread, which really is earning sticky status.

jr sure was putting up a talented run. i cant see how eury could screw that one up.

but speaking of talent, hammond sums it up best for me-


Obviously, the focus of the Watkins Glen weekend has to be Kyle Busch and his eighth Sprint Cup Series victory. But for my money, the guy I was most impressed with was Marcos Ambrose.

Starting with his Nationwide Series victory on Saturday and followed by his third-place finish in Sunday's Cup race, Ambrose had a fantastic weekend all around. He brings a lot to our sport. Despite not being raised in our culture, he has been able to come to our country and succeed in our sport.

I realize he won Saturday's race at the Glen, but his run in the Cup car was easily if not more impressive. On Sunday he went up against the best road racers in the country. When you can wheel that car and finish behind Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart that speaks very highly of your accomplishment.

he seems like a really gracious and trully likeable guy. i wonder what he coulda done in gibbs equipment, starting from the front. anyways the aussi seems someone worthy to root for.

revefsreleets 08-12-2008 09:28 PM

Re: Awfully quiet about Shrub...
No doubt Ambrose can drive...but harping on him is also distracting and detracting from the obvious "passing of the guard" that is happening right in front of our eyes. Since Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart were the best NASCAR drivers ever, and even F-1 is sending in drivers to compete, to have a homespun guy like Shrub dominate like he is really gives some legitimacy to the claim that a NASCAR driver could be the best in the World.

tony hipchest 08-13-2008 10:49 AM

Re: Awfully quiet about Shrub...

a NASCAR driver could be the best in the World.
wow. very bold claim.

speaking of "harping" kyle is gonna need Georgia Pacific or a subsidiary brand like "Bounty" (the quicker picker upper) as a sponsor next year to sop up all the drool dripping offa his nuts.

F-1 and nascar is essentially apples and oranges. no question about it, an F-1 vehicle is a far superior feat of engineering than the cars we root for. however NASCAR is by far the most superior and entertaining series in the world.

"coulda woulda shoulda" dont mean nothing until someone goes out and proves it. kind of a shame jeff and tony were too scared (kinda like obama taking on mccain in 10 townhall meetings) to persue their lifelong dreams, make the leap, and take on the m. schumachers of the world. oh well, theres something to be said about being a big fish in a small pond.

as far as best drivers go, i will always believe NASCAR has the best. as far as all the different vehicles to drive, i will contend that jimmie johnson is the best dirtbike driver, robby gordon the best in baja, and the likes of rusty wallace and mark martin could fly a jet or helicopter around the whole lot of em.

revefsreleets 08-13-2008 02:25 PM

Re: Awfully quiet about Shrub...
If F-1 drivers were so much more innately talented, Montoya would be dominating by now.

And many driving experts rated have rated Gordon as one of the very top drivers in the World. A stick-and-rudder man is a stick-and-rudder man no matters what he drives...

tony hipchest 08-18-2008 10:49 PM

Re: Awfully quiet about Shrub...
so anyways, do they run magnets under the gas pedal in cup?

gotta love ESPN's ray evernham (an ultimate cheater) trying to spin that hiding horsepower, in no way, gives a competitive advantage.

sure it doesnt. illegeal horsepower never helped anybody. :rolleyes:

that little song and dance may have been worse than jimmy johnson running to bill belichicks rescue.

unlike robert kraft or hendrick, the gibbs family seems legitimately pissed. if theyre anything like penske (which i think they are) heads may roll.

revefsreleets 08-19-2008 09:10 AM

Re: Awfully quiet about Shrub...
Richard Petty was the ultimate cheater. My favorite was the story about the 1 1/2 inch gasline. Dude ran a bunch of laps, HAD to have an empty gas tank, he pulled over, NASCAR tested his tank, the thing was bone dry, and Richard hopped back in his car and drove away.

THOSE guys has cheating down to a science, and it was wide open back then.

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