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Dennis 12-05-2005 02:33 PM

Da Bearz R coming to town!
Hi, Steelers fans! I'm a Chicago Bears fan and I'm hoping to come here to talk a little friendly SMACK about next Sunday's game, as well as to invite you to do the same at my Bears forum. No registration needed, guests are allowed to post in "Da Smack Shack," and vote in "Da Game of da Week" Poll. :thmbup:

Looking forward to another win. Da Bearz have won 8 in a row now and have finally beaten the hated Green Bay Packers for the 1st time at home in a dozen years. Momentum just keeps building! This year we're shaping up to be unstoppable. The Steelers 3 game losing skid will continue, despite Big Ben's presence.


Koopa 12-05-2005 02:41 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
well i respect the bears mainly cause of vasher and benson.............but y'all gonna be playing a mighty pissed off steelers team and i don't think y'all stand a chance this sunday.....they gonna make orton wish rex wasn't so injury prone........ but anyway here's to a good injury free game :cheers:

BB2W 12-05-2005 02:47 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
The Bears defense is playing great... it should be a good game. This game, and pretty much the rest of the season is a must win. I am glad this isn't being played in Chicago.

Dennis 12-05-2005 02:50 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
Vasher's been awesome, I wish we could play him at Wide Receiver as well! :wink02:

Benson looked real good until he went down with a knee injury, not sure when he's due to come back, but I think we'll have him for the Playoffs. Meanwhile, Thomas Jones is already over 1,000 yards rushing for the season and we've got 4 games left to play! :grin: Adrian Peterson's a change up from TJ at RB, and proven to be all the relief that TJ needs right now. :grin:

I see Big Ben's putting up a lot of passing yards, but still losing. Kind of like Farve did Sunday at Soldier Field. :blurp:

Looking forward to Sunday. Once we beat you guys no one will be able to say that da Bears aren't for real this year!

SalukiSteelers 12-05-2005 03:26 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
Beating the Steelers five or more weeks ago would be news. Beating this team doesn't make you more legit. In fact, I'd question how legit your team really is if it doesn't beat these Steelers.

You gotta figure the AFC goes:
1. Indy;
2. - T Denver, Cincy;
4. Jacksonville;
5. San Diego;
6. T - Pittsburg, K.C.

Sixth-place, baby! It's disgusting but true. I'm sure it's nice to think that Da Bears are gonna come in to Heinz and smoke a struggling team but even if they do, what does it prove? Nada.

One thing a loss proves, though, is that this Bears team is a lot like the team that got crushed by Philly in the playoffs a few seasons ago. They've got a great defense that can score as easily as the offense (not saying much) but at some point don't you have to think that somebody will score on them?

I mean, if a team scores 21 on the Bears do they win by a touchdown? Hopefully we'll find out this weekend. I don't know, though, because the Steelers line is playing so freakin' bad that it would be tough to beat a team with no defense (see Cincy).

If the Steelers lose four straight, especially to Da Bears, this Steelers fan in Illinois is likely to go on a bank robbing spree that ends in a shootout with Mexican federales.

Steel - X 12-05-2005 04:22 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
Should be a close battle I think who ever has the best running game this week will win. But welcome to the site Dennis I hope you enjoy your visit and good luck this week.

Prosdo 12-05-2005 04:23 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
Welcome to SF Dennis. Should be a good game. Here's to an injury free one :cheers:

Dennis 12-05-2005 04:51 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
Thanks for the welcome! Some other teams fans aren't so civil (The Bucs fans @ the Pewter Report).

I'm hoping for an injury free game as well. Isn't Roethlisberger still nursing a bad thumb?

Granted, da Bears Offense has been less than stellar this year. We were hurt by injuries, starting with our QB Rex Grossman breaking his ankle in the pre-season. Raw rookie Kyle Orton has managed to keep the Offense pointed in the right direction, if not scoring much. Just when Kyle started to grow into the role and find some rythmn with our fastest WR, Bradley went down injured, out for the season. That left our only legit threat at WR to be Muhsin Muhammad, who we got from the Panthers. Unfortunately, playing with only one deep threat, Defenses found it easy to neutralize our passing game. Now we have injured WRs Berrian & Berlin back, with Currie soon to follow (hopefully). Gage has shown flashes of being a superior WR, but isn't consistent enough yet.

The brightest spot on da Bears Offense, our Running Backs (Thomas Jones & Adrian Peterson) have been able to successfully run the ball, despite Defenses knowing that it's all we can do and loading up against them. Our O-Line (the other bright spot on Offense) deserves major credit for that, they've been opening up lanes on the inside for Jones all season.

I really don't know what to expect in terms of a game plan against the Steelers. Your pass defense isn't as highly rated as our last three opponents, so I'm guessing that our coaches will come out trying to establish the pass again to take some pressure off of the Running Backs. We might actually accomplish something passing, with so many WRs returning to game form, as well as the possibility of Rex Grossman being able to play (at least a few downs).

SalukiSteelers 12-05-2005 05:09 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
Why go with Grossman? The team has won, like, seven-straight, haven't they? Hell, with just his starts this season, Orton may be the more experienced QB. If I were the Bears coaches, I'd ride out the season with the kid under center and worry about who's starting next season. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

BlitzburghRockCity 12-05-2005 06:49 PM

Re: Da Bearz R coming to town!
welcome Dennis, to SF !

Glad to have you on board. I'll check out your website tonite when I get off work.

Should be a great one. 2 awesome defenses battling it out. could be very low scoring though too unless we can break that D of yours.

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