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Suitanim 12-12-2005 10:53 AM

Next up: Vikings.
Again, I'm sorry, but I'm not impressed. They are an NFC team, and their current win streak is even less impressive than the Bears was. They have beaten:

Detroit (2X)
Green Bay

While on it's face, the win against the Giants in the Meadowlands looks fairly reputable, this was a game where the Giants played like absolute Hell, and Minny scored all it's points on TO's and kick returns. The offense was awful, and managed only a FG.

Pittsburgh should win this game, and win it convincingly. They just need to execute and commit zero turnovers.

Dook 12-12-2005 11:31 AM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
Pittsburgh vs Minnesota Comparison

QB Rating Interceptions
Roethlisberger 102.2 7
Johnson 90.9 2

WR Receptions Yards
Ward 59 819
None in top 30

RB Yards Avg
Parker 856 4.3
Moore 551 4.0

Total Offense
Pittsburgh ranked 20th
Minnesota ranked 25th

Total Defense
Pittsburgh ranked 8th
Minnesota ranked 26th

Pittsburgh is coming off a big win at home against the Bears.
Minnesota beat the Rams by getting five interceptions and a fumble recovery.

It's in Minnesota but I think we have the momentum, better team, and the advantage.

SalukiSteelers 12-12-2005 11:38 AM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
Yeah, the Vikes scored touchdowns of an int, kick return, and what, punt return? To tell you the truth, that actually makes me a little more nervous than I was going in to the Bears game. It makes the Vikings look like an opportunistic football team. Hopefully the Steelers do not give the Vikes many free opportunities.

The way the Steelers have put the ball on the ground the last couple games does not inspire confidence. Granted, they have fumbled in outdoor weather conditions that were less than ideal but running teams can't afford to put it on the carpet. Hopefully playing in the climate contolled Metrodome will take away some of those ball handling issues.

The Vikes look like they are middle of the road -- 17th in the NFL, just over 112 YPG -- on run defense so maybe the Steelers line can build on their excellent performance, Sunday. I can not imagine the Bus seeing too much time if the ground game is effective without him. Maybe Willie, especially on a fast track against an average defense, will be able to recapture some of his early season magic. Of course, these Vikings aren't the Texans or Titans.

Hopefully they are not the Bengals, either.

While the Bengals are the third-best kick return team in the NFL -- averaging just over 25 yards a try -- the Vikings are, you guessed it, right in the middle of the pack with a 22.5 average return. Just when it seemed Pittsburgh had clawed its way back in to the game, Tab Perry spoiled the comeback. Koren Robinson handles the kickoff return game for the Vikes and unlike Perry, he has taken one to the house. Hopefully he will get plenty of chances to make a big return.

Offensively, the Vikings are almost as bad as da Bears in one category that has proved problematic for the Steelers all season: third down conversion percentage. The Vikes are coming in as the 30th ranked third down team in the NFL -- just ahead of Chicago and the Niners. Not exactly elite company but then again, we all know the elite play in the AFC.

The Vikings do have a six-game winning streak coming in to the game but I don't think that it's going to put any fear in the Steelers. They just stopped an eight-gamer, so hopefully this one is duck soup.

One thing, though: I wonder how Ben will do in his second game in a dome? If Pittsburgh can get ahead early, maybe they can take the crowd out of it and noise will not be an issue. After reading some of the post-Indy game qoutes, it seemed like the racket -- manufactured or not -- got to Ben. I'm sure that Vikes' fan is well aware of that and will act accordingly.

Hopefully it won't matter: Steelers 27-17. Two down, six to go.

Lets go Steelers, keep the season alive!

Suitanim 12-12-2005 11:45 AM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
Bear in mind that Minnesota accumulated those stats playing largely inferior competition.

BIGBENFASTWILLIE 12-12-2005 12:13 PM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
i would have liked minn. to lose this pass sunday so their momentum could be slowed down. But with the steelers understanding that the next 3 games are a must win, our players will step it up. I think Ben is going to have to have a great game. Our defense whould be able to shut them down i dont see any real threats on their offense, our special teams will have to cover pretty well too.

BB2W 12-12-2005 01:28 PM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
We gotta win this game... I think it is the hardest left on the schedule, although I expect the game in Cleveland to be a battle also I think this may be a bigger challenge. I am really only worried about Brad Johnson picking us apart with that "dink & dunk" crap... that can beat us, especially on the blitz.

I am also a little worried about the turf... I think their recievers will be tough to stop on that surface, and our two young tackles will be more volnurable to the pass rush. I know they played great yesterday, but a sloppy field really helps the O-line... I will be interested to see how they play in the dome in Minnestoa..

clevestinks 12-12-2005 02:49 PM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
how can you not be a little impressed ? This is a team that is riding momentum. Thats sometimes is tough to beat. We should and will win. We seem to play better with our backs against the wall!

SteelerFanInCA 12-14-2005 05:09 PM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
We should be able to handle Minnesota. I agree they really haven't beaten anybody.

SteelCityMan786 12-14-2005 05:14 PM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
Minnesota is a joke. We'll beat them crazy. I don't get how people say Fat Phatson Is so good when he stinks.

Koopa 12-14-2005 05:58 PM

Re: Next up: Vikings.
yeah i'm not really worried about losing this game at all. the steelers make them look like a high school team. and since we don't throw a lot there won't be any defensive touchdowns for them. hopefully the special teams steps up again. might be anothe blow out win for us

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