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steelers2685 02-03-2009 09:41 PM

Parade Rant -- Annoying People
Did anyone else have annoying people by you at the parade? Here is my story:

A small kid, probably 5 or 6, comes walking through the packed crowd. Me and another gentleman beside me yell down to him and ask where his parents are. He says his mom is towards the front... so we yell for everybody to clear the way that there's a lost kid trying to get to his mom. Within seconds I told the guy "Ten bucks says his mother put him up to that and she'll be short behind in order to get to the front". What do you know, in about a minute this lady with two other kids comes plowing through the crowd, right in front of me, my girlfriend, and group of buddies asking if anybody saw her kid. I nudge the guy beside me and nod my head in her direction and tell him "told you she wasn't in front already". Others around us realized this too and refused to let her through. Being a moron though, she stops right in front of us, blocking the view of my girlfriend and this other guy's wife as well. Now we're both upset because we had been standing there for three hours at this point and couldn't see anything now. The guy beside me tells her keep moving and to not block our view and she tries telling him that she was up in front but the kid had to use the restroom. First off I never saw her leave from the front. Secondly, she said her other family member was up front waiting for her to get back, leading me to question why would you take all three kids if only one had to use the restroom? Nonetheless, twenty minutes later she is still acting like she's trying to get ahold of someone on her cell phone in this loud mass of people, with me and the other guy asking her to please get stepping. Out of nowhere, she spins around and starts shoving people yelling excuse me! and throwing a fit?!?!?!?! In the meantime, her kids are right there with her watching how she's acting. She ended up shoving my girlfriend pretty hard so I grabbed her as hard as I could hang on to restrain her while the gentleman beside me grabbed her arm too. I flipped out asking what her problem was and why she couldn't just get along for a good occassion (with some explitives intermixed there as well). My brother, who was on the other side of my girlfriend, wound up and was ready to clock the dumb broad but thankfully another member of Steelernation held his arm at the last minute and told him it's not worth hitting her and missing the parade. Me and the other guy ended up shoving her back and yelling to others to keep her moving and get her the heck out of there. What gets me though is that she left her kids! The 12 year old who was with her started flipping out on us for the way we were yelling at her mom because of her stupidity rather than looking after her two younger siblings??? After that, the parade kicked off though and all was good, but I hate being a magnet to rotten apples like that when I'm respecting everyone else around me as I would like to be treated.

[/rant] Thanks for reading. Anybody in my area when that happened by chance? Corner of Blvd. of Allies & Stanwick.

section514 02-04-2009 10:14 AM

Re: Parade Rant -- Annoying People
I had a few annoying people by me. Same situation, got there early then had to hold back the crowd until it started. Like its my fault you are late and can't see. I had a solid group of people next to me that helped fight back the crowd.

I was also at the end of the parade route so it was extra packed.

jjpro11 02-04-2009 10:18 AM

Re: Parade Rant -- Annoying People
unfortunately there are idiots everywhere, including steeler nation.

roethlisbergerUK 02-04-2009 04:58 PM

Re: Parade Rant -- Annoying People
That,s not on at all to be pushing in like that,That is why people like you queue up so you get the good spot to see the team and i hate it when parents use their kids like tools !! Good on you though.

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