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TerribleChuck 07-13-2009 01:14 AM

End zone and aisle seats Debate
Greetings everyone,

Caught a great deal on some tickets. Not looking to start any major fights but here's some questions I'd like to get opinons on.

1) Aslie seats, better or worse? Are they better because easy in, easy out, or a pain because you're moving to let peope in and out all the time?

2) Endzone seats. What's your thoughts on endzone seating? Does being able to watch on the jumbotron when the play is down at the other end make it ok?



stillhead 07-13-2009 09:02 AM

Re: End zone and aisle seats Debate
aisle seats suck in my opinion. your are constantly letting people in and out. my seats are 12/13 which is middle of the row and i love it. last year i sat in section 523 row b (end zone) for the cowboys game as we had to do some ticket swapping. they were nice and close and we were out on the overhang of the north club seats. i have sat in almost every corner of the place and still like my seats the best. the only tuing better was getting to sit in a luxury box years ago. now that was sweet. getting back to the dallas game, when deshea intercepted glamour boy it looked like he ran 75 yards from where we were sitting. i didn't mind sitting there but i will gladly take my seats on the steelers side 20 yard line undercover middle of the row and no interuptions. :tt03:

Steel Head 07-13-2009 09:41 AM

Re: End zone and aisle seats Debate
you can see the jumbotron from every seat in the stadium (you just have to look over your shoulder if you are sitting in front of it)

7willBheaven 07-13-2009 10:52 AM

Re: End zone and aisle seats Debate
Depends...are you the type of person who needs to get up every so often (bathroom, food, drink, etc)? Or just a couple times a game? Also do you like being crammed in between people or be on the end where theres nobody? Those are the main questions i would answer as far as the asile vs. middle type thing. I kinda like asile so im not smashed between people...but yeah it does suck getting up and down so much. But like i said ask yourself those questions and you'll find the answer.

As far as endzone seating, out of all the games i've went to over the last 5 years (quite a few), all but like 3 games have been in the upper endzone section. You can see the whole field and everything going on at either end...if you prefer to watch the tron thats fine, but its not a must. Not a bad seat in the house remember!

TerribleChuck 07-13-2009 08:44 PM

Re: End zone and aisle seats Debate
Good points on ups and downs of the asile side. Didn't consider the having to move everytime somebody needed in or out. Though at the same time, not being a small man, the openside does have it's pluses for that. Thanks for the input guys.

I'd thought you'd have problems seeing the jumbotron if you were on the same side of it. I.e. the 101 102, 144, 504 and 544 sections. I've always sat either on the closed endzone or 30 yard line.

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